View Full Version : PMX CosFest Winners

10-30-2006, 06:00 PM

Best of Show:
Group 5: Kingdom Hearts Gangstas
Pence by Loshmo, Roxas by Raine, Hayner by Ame, and Sora by Rikku

Junior (Youth) Achievement:
Group 20: Welcome to the Jungle
Rikku from Final Fantasy X by Angie Rikku

Performance Division

Best of Division, Performance
Group 24: Gomu Gomu no Cosplay and Sakura Mochi
All characters from Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, or 4
Sybill by Kim, Walter by Jessica, Henry by Laura, Claudia by Diana, Pyramid Head by Heather, Nurse by Thea, Maria by Jenny, James by Lauren, Harry by Max, Heather by Shelby

Best Halloween Skit
Group 18: Togainu
All characters from "Togainu no chi"
Shiki by Kei, Akila by Hiko, and Lin by Ann

Judges Award
Group 11: Silent Hill 3
Baltiel by Jonzy

Honorable Mention
Group 1: Paradise Project
All characters from Hello Project: Berryz Koubou
Chinami by Usako Minako, Risako by Tri-Chan, Miyabi by Hellie Bee, Momoko by Videigirl C, Yurina by Leona

Craftsmanship Division

Best of Division, Craftsmanship, Group
Group 06: Mirror, Mirror
All characters from Final Fantasy VI
Terra Branford by Tokyo Kitty, and Esper Terra by Hoshikage

Best of Division, Craftsmanship, Individual
Group 16: J&Z
Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket by Fireshark

Honorable Mention, Group
Group 03: Don't Ask Me
All Characters from Kingdom Hearts 2
Sora by Ake, Riku by Icki

Honorable Mention, Individual
Group 07: Good Enough Cosplay
Original Character from Yokai-Inspired EGA by evilbishonen