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10-30-2006, 06:14 PM
Thank you to everyone who participated -- you all did a fantastic job!! :)

Group 1: Paradise Project
All characters from Hello Project: Berryz Koubou
Chinami by Usako Minako, Risako by Tri-Chan, Miyabi by Hellie Bee, Momoko by Videigirl C, Yurina by Leona

Group 2: Kupo Knights
Boo from Mario Bros. by Hai, Kirby from Kirby by DK Squall

Group 3: Don't Ask Me
All Characters from Kingdom Hearts 2
Sora by Ake, Riku by Icki

Group 4: Naru-Yasha
Inuy Yasha by Ben, Naruto by Nate

Group 5: Kingdom Hearts Gangstas
Pence by Loshmo, Roxas by Raine, Hayner by Ame, and Sora by Rikku

Group 6: Mirror, Mirror
All characters from Final Fantasy VI
Terra Branford by Tokyo Kitty, and Esper Terra by Hoshikage

Group 7: Good Enough Cosplay
Original Character from Yokai-Inspired EGA by evilbishonen

Group 8: --WITHDRAWN--

Group 9: Pure Trance
All Characters from Pure Trance
Umeko by Cherry Pie, Takeko by Love Meeko

Group 10: Elric Brothers
All characters from Fullmetal Alchemist
Alphonese Elric by Kelsey, and Edward Elric by Amber

Group 11: Silent Hill 3
Baltiel by Jonzy

Group 12: Tsubasa
All characters from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Sakura by Ha-chan, Kurogane by Makkura, and Syaroan by Aya

Group 13: High Plains Drifter
Real Life Nano from Apple by Ara

Group 14: --WITHDRAWN--

Group 15: Final Fantasy X2
Rikku by Liinx

Group 16: J&Z
All characters from Fruits Basket
Tohru Honda by AuroraHermione, and Kyo Sohma by Fireshark

Group 17: Tricky Lacus
Lacus from Gundam Seed by Esther

Group 18: Togainu
All characters from "Togainu no chi"
Shiki by Kei, Akila by Hiko, and Lin by Ann

Group 19: Houshin Engi
Dakki by Lisa, Ou Kijin by Ming, Ko Kibi by Betty, and Chuuou by Arice

Group 20: Welcome to the Jungle
Rikku from Final Fantasy X by Angie Rikku

*NOTE* Due to a technical problem, Group 22 went BEFORE Group 21

Group 22: Zero Cosplay Development
Master Zero from Original Zeries by Master Zero

Group 21: Random Soul Reaper
*we do not have details for this group due to a techincal error please let me know if you have details for this group*

Group 23: Alfred Spangler Productions
James from Pokemon

Group 24: Gomu Gomu no Cosplay and Sakura Mochi
All characters from Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, or 4
Sybill by Kim, Walter by Jessica, Henry by Laura, Claudia by Diana, Pyramid Head by Heather, Nurse by Thea, Maria by Jenny, James by Lauren, Harry by Max, Heather by Shelby

10-30-2006, 08:03 PM
Yah, I feel so bad that my group ended up withdrawing (Group 8) But my friend and I both got sick (me on sat, and her on sun X.x )

11-01-2006, 05:19 PM
Yo! This is Sora (Rikku) From group #5 The Kingdon Hearts Gangstas!

It was allot of fun doing the masqurade and I can't wait till Next year!!!!

11-01-2006, 09:23 PM
You guys were awesome!!! I totally cracked up during your skit!!! It was also fun having a hoedown with you guys backstage during rehearsal!

11-02-2006, 10:41 PM
*prods group 10* w00t for dances made up at 2AM the night before! xD

11-03-2006, 11:58 AM
You guys were awesome!!! I totally cracked up during your skit!!! It was also fun having a hoedown with you guys backstage during rehearsal!

Yeah that was awsome! I had allot of fun with all of the people! we were all crazy that day~ LOL