View Full Version : Let's-a go! (Mario, anyone?)

10-31-2006, 09:52 PM
At AWA '07, I'm doing a Mario cosplay. I figured if I asked this early, I might be able to get somebody to come along with me.:toothy:

Who am I going as? Here's a hint: http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g278/Tensai_Cosplay/Previewofsnipergoodness.jpg

And if the hint wasn't good enough: http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g278/Tensai_Cosplay/Anothersniperpreview.jpg
(I'm makin' it work. Please don't ask how. XD)

(EDIT: I guess this means the "surprise" listed under AWA '07 isn't a surprise any more, huh?)

11-01-2006, 06:47 AM
Wow. You have fun with that :toothy: .
actually, i would totally do a Legend of the Seven Stars group cosplay thing if I wasn't going all Organization XIII for AWA XIII. It'll be a nice, original idea though.

11-02-2006, 06:25 PM
oooh, i wanna do a mario cosplay...like, from the game, or a nintendo cosplay. That would be so cool.

11-02-2006, 09:16 PM
There is a Super Smash Brother's group that is forming on the AWA forums. (Link (http://www.awa-con.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=6734)). I'll be tyring to make Kirby :D Hopefully I can pull it off :/