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Black Jiraiya
11-17-2006, 01:07 PM
Heeey kids! Just wanted to advertise the Arrancar group that both Katsu, and myself are apart of! We're going to be entering competition on Saturday and we'd love as many members as possible! We're making sure to go all out with our costumes--right down to the tiniest details and the swords--and after pre-judging, we're planning to have some bad guy tea party awesomeness.

No, I'm serious! We'll be having a tea party, with cake and little yummies included. So, our cast so far (doubles are more than welcome; don't worry!)

The characters that have been taken...
Aizen Sousuke [Jacob]
Ichimaru Gin [Miku]
Kaname Tousen [Black Jiraiya]
Inoue Orihime [Katsu]
Ulquiorra [Galen]
Girlkar [Christina/yoru-chan]
Grimmjow Jaggerjack [Jesse/superboi]
Wanderweiss Maljera [Victoria]
Il Forte Grantz [Gaara]

aaaand that's it. 8DD .. yeah, we're one big walking spoiler, but--who cares? If you have any other characters that are from Hueco Mundo(Arrancar, Espada, Espada Failures, etc.) that we haven't mention on the list, please reply and give us a link to the picture of that certain cosplay. Also if you want to IM us for a chat on the subject on AIM, then PM me so we can discuss the soon-to-be-big group.

Black Jiraiya

P.S. if you have any ideas, please bring them to the table, we want to know your opinion.:bigtu:

Black Jiraiya
12-30-2006, 03:01 PM
Hi there everyone, it seems that no one has replied at all, that kind of sucks:bigcry: but its ok. Right now in the the latest manga, they have shown the 10 blades, the Arrancar Failures, and the Execution Division. Some of their names have been said, but more will soon come before Megacon. Hope to hear from some people soon. ja ne:toothy: