View Full Version : Trinity Blood Seth Cosplay

11-18-2006, 10:43 PM
Ok, so I need help with my Seth Nightlord cosplay from Trinity Blood
General Hints and How-to would be great



11-21-2006, 02:35 PM
first and formost, Pray.... pray...
Havent attemtped Seth, but a few ideas would be, if you're going to make it yourself, look through sewing patterns like I wanna say McCalls accualy had some nice Victorian style dresses you could probobly modify the pattern to fit the dress. the hat... hmm... There'sa plastic that you heat and shapes, might beable to use just a regular hat for a bace and cut out the lage brim out of this plastic, shape it, fit over the hat, sugest to stich a few stiches in it to keep the plastic in place, you coudl cover it with material and add detail. The accessories will be a pain *sigh* lordy I know. I'd seek out a few Trinityblood Cos-players and ask them. there was a woman at Nan Desu KAn in Colorado that did a BEAUTIFUL Caterina! She was sweet and very helpful with a few hints. If I can find you agian haha I can toss a few ideas from what I've learned making my Manga Abel Costume ^^;; sorry I wasn't very helpful