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11-19-2006, 11:40 PM
I've decided that I'd try and help out a little bit here on the forums. SO! I have been expiramenting with Belldandy hair for quite some time, and have decided that I've come to some good results. I thought it might be nice to you guys if I put up a little tutorial.

I hope it helps a lot! (Crosses Fingers)

Step One: Put your hair up into the pony tail, leaving those little flipping things at the side down. Use your own judgement on how thick they are. My hair's a pain in the but, so I didn't leave a lot down.


Step Two:Clip your bangs that you'll be leaving down so they don't get too much hair spray on them before you style them. That way, they won't look all gunky and stuff from the hair spray. (P.S. The next step has a lot of text, so I'm putting this here. I used Aqua Net hair spray, if anyone was curious.)


Step Three:I have to appologize. I accidentally skipped the pic for the step, but I think you'll be able to manage without it. XP
Anyway, the next thing to do is take the middle section of your bangs (the ones you DIDN'T clip up), and pull them up. Use hair spray on the roots of those bangs and those bangs only, until it drips. Yes. It's icky. I actually had a stray drop for these photos...but I fixed that. XP
Anyway, after that, hold up those bangs for at least 60 seconds, though I did so for 120, just to be safe. Afterwards, let them drop.
Once that's done, they'll be one bit antenna. Seporate them into as many different one's as you'd like. I did four. Just curve them a little bit and add a little bit more hair spray.


Step Four: This step is easy. Now that you have all your hair sticky-upy like you want it, tighten your pony tail till you think you have that section-like pony tail like belldandy has. I did this a little bit, but I didn't use hair spray afterwards, so it's not so apparent in this photo.
Also, after ever step, I SPARINGLY add a little more hair spray to the antenna and curve them a little. WARNING: If you put TOO much hairspray on the hangs, they will fall flat from the weight. So, if you're satisfied with how they look already, I would skip this step if I were you.


Tada!: And here you go! :3
Like I said, it's still in the expiaramental stage, so I might pop back in here with more or better steps, so keep checking in if you'd like. :3


If this is in anyway flawed or unclear to you, please tell me! I would love to fix it and make it easier for people to understand. :3 Like I said before, I hope this helps a lot!

11-20-2006, 01:23 AM
Wow. Didn't even know that was possible with real hair. XD Thanks for the tut--it'll definitely come in handy for when my wig finally arrives. *crosses fingers*

11-20-2006, 07:25 AM
You're welcome! ^^ I'm very glad it helped. :3

Crimson Firefly
11-20-2006, 07:35 PM
I would recommend using most of the hairspray at the BASE of the antenna, because as SummonerYuna mentioned, you don't want your hair to be too heavy.And then maybe adding a little bit of hairgel, or some hairspray that you sprayed on your fingers to form the tips into a bit of a spike (although the hair will likely be thin enough that it may not be necessary). Another invaluable technique to spikey up-dos is blowdrying your hairsprayed hair while upside-down. This will dry the hairspray and make it harder - making your hair less likely to drop down into a greasy, no-lift clump of hair later in the day.

I might also suggest straightening your hair if you have a hair straightener.

11-20-2006, 07:58 PM
Those are also really good points, too! I've heard the blow drying your hair before, and I'd like to see if it makes this easier. But we have to get one. XP

Thanks for the advise! I'd forgotten about that way. ^^