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11-21-2006, 02:54 AM
Hey guys, anyone fluent in Japanese? I have a set of internet instructions for my aunt's coworker that needs to be translated. It's only about half a page long, but it will probably take some work. Anyone up for it? PM me or email me at tromboneprincess@cox.net. Your help is VERY appreciated! Thanks!


Here's the original message (I thought they needed a japanese to english translation, but when i found out it was the other way around, I knew my two year background in high school wasn't going to do me any good at all, especially if they want it to sound professional at all ^_^;; *huge sweatdrop*):


I also need the same thing translated for nobby. In place of sekido's name place in nobby in each instance. Also tell let nobby know that his password is which ever one he has been using to login.


Dan Kemp

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What I need translated into Japanese is the following:

Dear Mr. Sekido,

The first way to set up your email is to open internet explorer and clear the address bar completely. Then type in only email.secureserver.net. This will bring you to the login page and then type in sekido@iskyinc.com in the space that says email address. Then type in the password that you have been using or if you have not changed it it would be sekido1, which is all lower case. This should open up your email and allow you full access.

If you want to go to Outlook and set it up here is the procedure:

1) Go to tools on the top
2) Under email place a dot in the circle marked view or change existing accounts
3) Click the option to change
4) Type in where it says incoming mail server (POP3) mail.iskyinc.com
5) Type in where it says outgoing mail server (SMTP) smtpout.secureserver.net
6) Where it says username put in the email address sekido@iskyinc.com be sure to place a check mark below this in the area where it says save the password
7) Where it says password type in the same password that you have used logging in using the address bar
8) Click on more settings
9) Click on advanced
10) Change the incoming server port number to 110
11) Change the outgoing server port number to 80
12) Click OK
13) Test by clicking the send/recieve button on the top of outlook express at least twice.

If there is anything else you need please don't hesitate to ask.


Danial Kemp
Marketing Director


11-22-2006, 10:42 AM

あなたの電子メールをセットアップする最初の方法はInternet Explorerおよびゆとりを住所棒完全に開けることである。そしてemail.secureserve r.netだけのタイプ。 これはログインのページに連れて来、次にEメールアドレスを言うスペースのsekido@iskyinc. comでタイプする。 使用していることまたはずっとそれをそれ変えなかったらそれからパスワードのタイプは完全に小文字のsek ido1である。 これはあなたの電子メールを開発し、フルアクセス許可するべきである。


4)それが入って来るメール・サーバ(POP3) mail.iskyinc.comをどこにで言うかタイプしなさい
5)それが出て行くメール・サーバ(smtp) smtpout.secureserver.netをどこにで言うかタイプしなさい
6)それがEメールアドレスsekido@iskyinc.comに置かれるユーザー名を言う一方、パスワ ードを除けば言う区域にこれの下にチェックマークを置いて確実である
7)それがあなたが住所棒を使用してログインを使用した同じパスワードのパスワードタイプを言うと ころ
10) 110に入って来るサーバポート数を変えなさい
11) 80に出て行くサーバポート数を変えなさい
12) OKをかちりと鳴らしなさい
13)発送をかちりと鳴らすことによるテストは二度またはOutlook Expressの上のボタンを少なくともrecieve。



Danial Kemp

(online translators usually suck though so I doubt this is correct)

11-22-2006, 02:51 PM
Hi there and thank you so much for responding! I think everythings in japanese characters so I dunno if my computer will read them...I'm getting all "???" across the screen...I wonder if we can convert it to "romaaji" (american alphabet?). Again, thank you so much for helping! That is awesome!


11-23-2006, 01:03 AM
The Japan forum is not for Japanese language help. It is for cosplay and event discussion related to Japan. You could probably do a Google search for forums related to learning Japanese, for example, and find someone willing to help you out.

I definitely would not use an online translator for sending somebody a message, though. Sorry, but I have to close this thread.