View Full Version : Sailor Moon Gathering?

Youshi Semenjyu
11-22-2006, 02:34 PM
I'm thinking...

Saturday, 9:00 AM.
Location: ???? (Suggestions?)

11-22-2006, 02:36 PM
I'd love to do a Sailor Moon gathering. I plan on being in Usagi's gym outfit.

Winter Divinity
12-10-2006, 05:50 AM
I'd love to come as Super sailor moon! But 9AM is really early.. How about 3 PM? It should give enough people to arrive to the con and join the gathering or take pictures. I am driving from Riverside to LA so it takes me a good 2 hours to get there.

Youshi Semenjyu
12-10-2006, 12:27 PM
I wouldn't mind having it in the afternoon, but I'm going to be doing a panel in the afternoon, and making preparations for masquerade and would be unable to attend.

Is there any other time in the morning between 9-12 that we can work with?

Winter Divinity
12-10-2006, 07:09 PM
Okay, I guess 12 would work. =) Shall we meet at the little pond area?