View Full Version : Finalized Cosplay Group Meeting List

Miaka No Baka
03-26-2003, 11:24 PM
OK here it is the finalized cosplay group meeting list!

Friday, April 4th:

Mega Tokyo 1:30pm Hilton Lobby

Inu Yasha - 4pm - Hilton Lobby

Digimon - 6pm - Hilton Lobby (possibly moving to another location later)

Sakura Con Message Board - 7 pm - Hilton Lobby

Saturday, April 5th:

Utena 9am Hilton Lobby (possibly moving to a different location)

Kenshin - 11am Hilton Lobby (possibly moving to a more scenic location)

Sakura Con Message Board - 11:30am - Hilton Lobby

Square Soft - 12pm - Meet up in Hilton lobby move to courtyard

Cosplay.com - 12:30pm Hilton lobby (?)(Soon to follow square soft photo shoot)

Phantasy Star Online - 1:30pm - Hilton Lobby (if time allows before masquerade meeting if not probably after the masquerade)

Escaflowne 2:00pm Hilton Lobby

Sunday, April 6th:

Chobits 1pm Hilton Lobby

Slayers 11am Hilton Lobby (possibly moving to a different location)

Every other group that isn't on the list did not get back to me in time. I'm sorry if your group did not get listed nothing personal against your group, like to the gundam wing group you named a date but not a time or location ^_^; sorry.