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number six
12-12-2006, 09:38 PM
OK hopefully this isn't a bad idea (ie it won't kill my bandwith) but I finally uploaded a copy of my Dragon*Con video to my website.

It's about 80 minutes long and is almost entirely Cosplay stuff. There's the Friday Night costume contest, the Saturday Parade (the whole thing), the Cosplay contest (kinda small this year), a ton of hallway stuff.. and finally a few odds and ends. It's a great big grabbag of fandom, but as you can expect there's quite a bit of Anime stuff mixed in.

So be gentle on my server.. it's in DIVX format and is about 300mbs. Didn't want to go any smaller otherwise it'd look pretty horrid.

If there's enough response I may edit together a video every year. I found taking the video camera around was easier than trying to snap shots of everything at times. You could quickly scan through the crowd and just take stills off the video later.. lazy perhaps, but it works :geek:

Here's the link to the Video (http://www.villagebbs.com/tbk)

And in case you missed it, have 4 years worth of Dragon*Con pics at this gallery here! (http://www.villagebbs.com/dragoncon)

See everyone in Atlanta come 2007!