View Full Version : Spare a ride for two connies? D:

12-13-2006, 12:53 AM
No. Not convicts. I swear.

My friend Kris and I would REALLY like to go to this con. We've been trying to get an 100% yes answer from people in terms of going and unfortunately all the people we know that actually HAVE CARS... bailed out on us D: I know there is still like a month and a half until this con and alot can happen/change in that time but I figure we should try what we can sooner rather than later. We thought of the bus.... but for some reason Bus+LA seems kinda ehhh >>; Crowded bus' SUCK. But that may be our last option D:.....Anyway...

We live in San Diego in the South Bay area. ( Close to Meeexico~ ie: Imperial Beach/Chula Vista/Bonita etc etc )
SO...If anyone going to this con lives in or close to these areas and thinks they may be able spare a ride for two very well mannered POLITE AWESOME PEOPLE...you should like... PM me yah? >>;
We will both help pay for gas for the ride there and back and we will have our own hotel room. All we need is the transport~ And to not get...attacked... or something >>; I know kung foo! ( Sorry, My friend thinks I'm crazy for asking for rides over the internet from complete starngers rofl. )

It isn't 100% yet if we would need the ride anyway but I just wanted to know if anyone could if we needed it.

Thanks dudes :<

Winter Divinity
12-21-2006, 11:19 PM
I would love to offer, but I live in the Inland Empire, the opposite of you and the con. But might I recommend the metrolink? It's an awesomely cool system if used correctly.

12-21-2006, 11:34 PM
I agree with Miyori. If you are unable to find anyone, and are able to take the train (with your costume load, etc.), I suggest either Amtrak or Metrolink. You'll have to stop over in LA on Metrolink (and switch trains), but you can get a nonstop ticket with Amtrak. Granted, Amtrak is a bit more expensive. There are two train 'stations' in Van Nuys: the actual station, and the Flyaway station (you take a bus from the station to this stop, which is right outside the Van Nuys Airport, which is right next to the Airtel hotel, where ALA is held). From there, a taxi should not be that expensive, and I also hear that the hotel can pick you up as well if you are staying there.

Hope this helps with alternate plans ^_^ Good luck!