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03-30-2003, 06:45 PM
My friends and I are going to NDK as Sesshomaru/Inuyasha/Miroku/Kagome/Kikyou and we need a little bit of help on some parts of the costumes.

for Inuyasha/Sesshomaru/Kikyou does anyone have any advice on how to make the sleeves and the pants flare out?

for Miroku how to make the sleeves flair out

and for Kagome how do you make a pleated skirt?

Thanks to anyone how replies! Oh and is anyone else going to NDK this September?:) THANKS!

03-30-2003, 09:52 PM
Kagome is the easiest costume to make ever. I'm not kidding you. Go and take a look at Butterick and McCalls pattern books sometime. There's a mix 'n match cheerleader costume Butterick has for teens and adults. It has the pleated skirt and the V-neck shirt. Just sew the back up (shirt) rather than add a zipper. Then, look at McCalls children's costumes. You'll notice the children's chearleader costume has a collar (the model is wearing what looks like Sailor Moon's uniform). Buy that in the largest size. The collar will fit perfectly onto the adult shirt. You'll have to be a little creative with the additional pieces (sleeve cuffs, red tie, etc) but they're pretty straight foreward.

A friend of mine has a birthday coming up and I decided to make the Kagome costume for her. The whole thing has yet to break the $20 mark. It's taken my about a week and I'm 90% done. Good luck!

Here's what I had as of last Friday (minus the skirt):

04-02-2003, 02:20 PM
Yes, we're going to NDK.

And I'd love to know how to make Sesshomaru's armor, for an eventual costume.

You know, it shouldn't be too hard to make the pants like that, but you'll have to gather them in at the ankles, like they have in the show. ^^

There was a really good Inuyasha at last year's NDK....*thinks*

Sorry I'm not more help. ^^;


Amethyst Angel
04-02-2003, 05:22 PM
Here's a thread that was recently possted that deals with the making of Sesshoumaru armor:


Good luck!

04-02-2003, 06:23 PM
For Miroku's robe I used a Butterick pattern 6698 which worked really well for me.

04-03-2003, 12:45 AM
to make the pants flare out for inu, just find fabric thats comfy,,but a bit stiff too. and yea,kagome isnt that hard^.^ ::has both costumes::: i think the hardest part is inu's top -.- good luck with it

04-04-2003, 12:46 AM
Yeah inu's top is kinda a pain. Im actually making myself an inuyasha costume just so I can know how to make one incase people ask me to commission it. Plus...it would be so fun to be a hot guy!!