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Last Updated: 09-30-2007

I was getting tired of wearing my same three Ren Fest costumes over and over, so I decided to create something a little more fantastic for the Ohio Renaissance Festival!

The wolf's head is the face an Alaskan brush wolf (we call them coyotes in Indiana ^_^), which I brought back from Alaska and made into a mask. The mask is trimmed in beaded fringe and has a hand-braided and beaded cord to hold it in place. It is backed in black leather, and the fur is dusted with super-light glitter for a shimmering effect.

Oddly enough, I didn't think to get a picture of me actually WEARING the mask on my face. It works better as a mask than a hat...

I also spent several hours doing hair and makeup for this costume, but unfortunately my photos didn't come out... My entire face is metallic gold, with other colors around my eyes (which are lined out and shaded to look long and canine). My hair is in stretched-out tube curls, almost like dreadlocks, with feathers and a horsehair "tail" running through it. Everything is lightly glittered.

Other components: Handmade leather drawstring bag, over rabbit fur; feather brooch; handmade silver jewelry (I made everything but the earrings!); horsehair tail; and of course a Journeyman Leather bodice (check them out at www.journeymanleather.com) over an Angora and silk sweater.

I'll probably wear this again, but next time I'm not spending the two hours curling my hair. ^_^

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Character Fae Wolf
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Upload Date 09-30-2007
Debuted September 29, 2007

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