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Costume SHOWCASED on 03-31-2008

Ultima, The High Seraph


Final Fantasy XII

Last Updated: 04-02-2008


This madness is complete, finally!

I chose to do Ultima because I was looking through OblivionJenova's FFXII art book (I had just started playing the game) and looked at Ultima and said "Wow...that's cool...that would be a crazy cosplay to do..."

And OblivionJenova, out of the kindness, or darkness, probably the later, of her heart said "OH YOU SHOULD SO DO THAT AND I WILL SO HELP YOU"

And so I blame her for everything...thank you mommy, it is all your fault

Yup, so the fact that Ultima looks friggin awesome and Jenova convinced me (or brainwashed me) into making it. When I went to fight her in the game in the freaked the crap out of me and was actually pretty hard to beat, which made me want to cosplay her even more. And heck, for her final attack she blows up Africa (or at least it looks like Africa)...blowing up continents? Heck yes!

I started working on it this summer by making the dress with my friend Joey, then over my February break I built the rest. I ordered 4000 feathers online and dyed them different colors by hand, then hot glued them to PVC pipe and buckram which was attached to a 6 way pvc coupling skeleton on a square of plexi glass which I attached to my back (20 lbs, ouch!) worn in a corset.
The Box was made of that stuff used for the back of cabinets then painted and whatnot then put on 4 wheels to cart me around. (The wheels did not like to stay in the box for some reason...sorry team Ultima members) I stood on 6 inch platforms just to fit properly.
The gloves were painted and I used paper cups from the dining hall to make the cylinder shape..heheh
The hard part....hahaha

The helmet...the bloody helmet
The helmet was structured out of this stuff called wire form, then I caked it in this stuff called bondo which is like liquid fiberglass used for repairing dents in cars, then used clay, then paper mache, then GESSO...oh geeze, then foam, then finally paint! This thing hurt a lot and was NOT fun to wear

If you have any more questions about the costume feel free to pm me!


First and foremost

OblivionJenova: made this costume possible by forcing me to do it and helping me with EVERYTHING. And thank you for handling the fume flammable chemicals. Basically Mommy helped me build EVERYTHING: she helped me piece all off the pvc and dangerous stuff together, helped me dye the feathers with her HANDS OF HEAT ABSORBING STEEL, helped me hot glue the suckers onto the wings, was moral support when I sat in her garage for 48 hours building the box, and basically rocked at life. Mommy, without you this costume would not have been possible and you were the number one on this project, so thank you! <33333 And Mick gets my many thanks too.

(Atlur): Thank you so much for helping me pattern and make that dress using your AWESOME math skills. With out you my brain would have exploded and the dress probably would have looked like a heap of crap that I threw up. So thank you, without you the dress wouldn't have happened. And thank you for your continuous support.

Erin (Curly Mango): LAWLS CARLOOOOSSSS...
Oh geeze carlos. Thank you so much Erin for all of your help, you stood up like 6 late nights with me and helped me paint that life forsaken helmet from hell. You are definitely credited for half of that evil thing because you basically listened to my directions and then produced ART. So thank you so much for sacrificing sleep. Also, thank you for always being there with me during the con, I know I had a lot of freak out moments but you were always there to calm me down and pick up those stupid wheels. You helped fix me and support me, and above all thanks for skipping the concert just to stay with me. <3

Girly Girls (Laurel, Katie, Ellen): Thank you guys for all of your help with cutting buckram and shaving pvc that I masterfully screwed up. I love you guys. Thanks for sticking with me and assembling me during the con and pushing people out of the way and guiding me everywhere and hauling my crap all over the con! It wouldn't have been possible without you guys and I LOVE U SO MUCH!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boys (Elliot, Greg, Zed, Zach, Victor): Thank you guys for being team leads and guiding and directing me and people in the halls. Elliot thank you for all of the help on the costume and Victor thank you so much for the help on the wheels! You guys rock and thanks for taking care of me during the con. You definitely went through great lengths just to get me down a hall that way maybe 20 meters...And thank you for hauling my crap all over too. THANK YOU!!! <3333333

Volar, Crystal Clover: Thank you guys SO much for taking the time out of the con to help me get to and from the photo shoot, you guys rock my world!! And thank you Crystal for carrying me up the stairs :P. You guys are so...FRIKKIN cute and had AMAZING cosplay! Yeah 12!!!! We rocked the house you guys. So thank you for all of your support and help.

Dizzy, Sketch: Thank you for stopping to help me take off those wings and carry them down the stairs for me! I really appreciated it and you guys did amazing jobs on Canti and Chrono!! Congratulations, and thanks again for taking the time to help me! <3!

Zax and Sephiroth: Thanks for being temporary body guards! :D

Wow...long thank you list

If there is anyone I forgot (which I'm sure is a lot of people) just punch me in the face and I'll add you on here. I love you all and thank you!!


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United States


Character Ultima, The High Seraph
Series Final Fantasy XII
Costume Views 8911
Favorites 36
Comments 7
Upload Date 02-08-2008
Debuted Anime Boston 2008

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