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Last Updated: 06-02-2010

ok yea so I like to get my stuff done ahead of time because I'm good like that and this and the munak cosplay I should have some pics during animeNEXT or I'll have my family take some pics before hand or something :p this is another outfit I made completely from scratch. I wanted to do a custom color one but I wanted to get down the original outfit before I went all custom and whatnot(custom would be like a lime green kinda and spoof at my guild leader >D FUJYOSHI IS WATCHING YOU SHAKA /gg) yea soo I made this outfit with starting on the easier parts first such as the gloves, the white over part of the gloves, and the arm and boot bracer thingies or whatever you call them, I ended up using a different gold for the hand things but figured out what an epic mistake that was because sewing with the velvet then that little shine shine gold oh man my sewing machine was tramatized for days D: when I finished those I was like ahh thank goodness because they were the hardest to make yet the easiest to start on next time I need fabric that complements velvet and easier to sew on AHAHAAHAHAHAAHA next thing I started on was the the top and the sash the top I had a problem with in the beginning because the velvet once again its scretchy but the different gold I was using was not scratchy so I really had to plan if I wanted to get that top on correctly @_@ the first time I messed up and I had to remake the whole top but then I got it again and it fits like a glove, me personally am not a big fan of scrapless stuff because there's a risk of my embarrassment if things go wrong so most likely in the finished product I'm gonna have some kinda invisible scraps on just for "safety" the sash I figured there were one of two ways to do either sew it on whatever I was gonna use for a belt, or sew it on the top like I did in the munak cosplay with those sashes. I did where I sewed it on the top because that was easier for me so I sewed the gold on to the sash then sewed the bottoms back on the bottom and sewed the sash. I can't find this old thing I was gonna use for a belt because I didn't feel like doing the belt from scratch because I had something just PERFECT that would match with the pants and all that better and luckly when I was in school I was unique and dressed my own way and my own person so that came in great handy at this point in time luckly for my tiny frame I can tie the thing around twice then tie it and knot it so it stays on which is good and holds the outfit together :p I might find the other thing I was gonna use but I like that method better. Making the pants was an epic challenge for me because I never made pants from scratch and because I was kinda strapped for money at the time(I had to save for animeNEXT) I couldn't afford to mess up. Now finding pants for myself is a pain in the neck in itself because they never fit my body type right nevertheless if I were to try to make pants from scratch on my own D: I went with the most basic way I figured how you make them and I basicly did it by analyzing my own pants and seeing how they were made and going by that(I had made a pair of pants the wrong way with no knowledge of making them and I actually sold them for $5 when I was 12 years old but thats an old old story) So then when I made the pants I was soo happy because it was hard and I had messed up and was able to fix it. I messed up in the part where the pants come up to a certain lenth to get up on me because I had a slight mismeasurement and the pants ended up being really REALLY low raise -_- so I had to sew an extention on to that part but making it so it wasn't too obvious and I got worried about that because it was like "oh no I messed up SDKGhsjkfghdfjghdfjkhfgdf g liek what do I do D:" but then I figure with the over jacket thing it wouldn't matter so I was safe. People that were really checking out the outfit would have to look closely to see the mistake unless it can be seen in a picture then I'm in big trouble D: but yea thats how I fixed the pants. Now the dun dun dun part the overcoat thingy[shine shine :O] ok yea so I was making this and I had to take a whole weakend and work on it but I had started on a week day after work because I started on it from the previous day and yes this part took me the longest to make because 1 its long(vertically long @_@) 2 its NOT straight up it goes AROUND the chest(most champ cosplayers make that mistake either that or got lazy towards the end -_-) and 3 STUPID GOLD D< I had ran out of gold and had to pick up some new gold right around the time I got my mic so that was good it was a remnant of what used to be there but it was just enough that I needed to get this outfit done. so then I took a nice weekend worked on it finished it and man did that come out epic XD I can't WAIT to wear that stuff at animeNEXT >D

this cosplay has to be my favorite cosplay I've ever done XD

well I got some wigs recently so I was taking some pics wit the wig on hehheheh some won't upload but I got 2 atlease XD

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Character champion girl
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