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Last Updated: 08-13-2011

After improving my knowledge on the design and wearing of traditional Japanese clothing, I decided on a new and prettier project; a furisode kimono as close to traditional as I could make. The pattern though, is a good bit off due to it being a bastardized Western reconstruction (Read- Butterick pattern. NEVER EVER EVER USE IT. EVER.), but largely I was able to get a passable kimono out of it. I left it unlined too, mainly due to it being intended for summer wear and because when I started putting it togther two years ago I was too newbish to know how to do proper lining.

The fabric is a faux-satin crepe in a watery aqua colour, and the decoration is being all hand-embroidered on. I originally was going to make it a furisode-hikizuri like a maiko would wear, but it still ended up a bit too short to do so, and thus became a furisode kimono. As a result though, the decoration is far more simplistic than one would normally find on a furisode, but hey, I can only hand-embroider for so long before I get freaking sick of it.
The decoration consists of;
-Willow tendrils down/over the right sleeve, I also made the exact leaf numbers significant; I hadn't done willow leaves before, so the first couple look pretty bad, but it improved as I went, but even still I don't think it looks QUITE like willow leaves:P.
- Water motif in back stitch and a water lily on the back bottom of the left sleeve, and a red dragonfly on the front.
-(Not started yet) Willow tendrils hanging from all around the skirt and seeming to start from under the obi, with a water motif and white-pink water lilies around the hem. On the edge of the right crossover side, I'm also adding a half-submerged frog to go with a concept of "hidden decoration" (and it fits a frog too, always hiding away but for the briefest of moments).
-Top part (above the obi) is largely plain apart from the sleeves, except for a willow tendril going over the right shoulder and appearing to merge into the lower skirt/disappear under the obi.

Also, I'm planning on a new and more properly made obi; the hope is a deep-blue satin brocade that I can actually make to have the right width, length and stiffness of a proper obi. I already have my obiage,obijime, netsuke, tabi, zouri and various pretty hairpins/combs, and my old yukata or one of my satin kimono-style bathrobes makes a decent enough (though somewhat droopy on the neck) nagajuuban.

SO MUCH THOUGHT AND PLANNING WENT INTO THIS KIMONO. I'll be CRUSHED if someone tells me it's god-awful-inaccurate for so-and-so reasons... T^T And considering I've learned to wear kimono without formal lessons and having to mostly make my own accesories in a western world, I don't think I've done too badly for myself.

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