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Haruno Sakura

Akatsuki (Kimono)


Last Updated: 06-27-2012

So, I've wanted to do this costume ever since I had seen it in late 2007 I believe. I've always thought it was super awesome... especially since ItaSaku is my favorite pairing.. xD Well, in fan fic land Sakura is generally really awesome, and the writers make her a lot more likable than Masashi Kishimoto does..

Well, here is the actual costume info:

For the wig, I was going to go accurate and use a pink wig with the two braids.. However, after it arrived I realized that the wig couldn't possibly be worn with a collar that is so stuff and goes up so high, because it looks really awkward and pulls the wig off of my head. Sadly, I had to settle with a random pink wig of mine because of gravity.. :P

The headband came with an Itachi costume I purchased from CosplayMagic a while back.

The boots were the ones I use for my Time Skip Sakura costume, because I figured that if the wig isn't accurate, I wouldn't bother with the boots.

There are two different pairs of gloves I wear.. my Time Skip Sakura leather gloves, or the accurate long black fingerless gloves for the base, and some red gloves that I cut the fingers off of and cut and glued Sakura's white Haruno clan symbol on.

(Still updating info.)

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United States


Character Haruno Sakura
Series Naruto
Costume Views 1087
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Upload Date 12-17-2008
Debuted ALA 2012
Retired Never!<3

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