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So far the hardest cosplay prop I've worked on, Vexen. I WAS considering Zexion for AN '09, but my best friend was already cosplaying him and there's lots of Zexions at cons already, so I decided on a different Org. member, and picked Vexen because I didn't hate him (hate meaning, if I wanted something I'd look more photogenically suited for and a weapon not quite so insanely hard, I would've gone with Marluxia. Buuuut, yeah, I hate HIM. Lol.) and it looked easier than a lot of the others. I'm not photogenically like him (short- 5'3" in my socks and standing up straight, don't generally look good without bangs, brunette, and with a pretty round face), but I found a way around almost everything thanks to a lottttt of makeup and (of course) a blonde wig. I just lived with the shortness, because I'm not gonna kill myself in chunky platforms, not to mention I HATE the look of them on Org.XIII cosplays.:P
That aside, though most don't like him much, I like Vexen enough to cosplay him; or maybe because I'm like him enough, what with severe lack of empathy, intellectual, easily irritable/snooty, living in a country known for its frigid temperatures (and for some weird reason always having a lower-than-average body temperature), and constantly failing assignments XD, he's practically NEVER cosplayed at cons, and when he is there's not many good ones. Time for a change ^^.
So, the costume consists of;
-Wig (Blonde, bangless, darkened a bit-but I think I rinsed too much of it out, because it doesn't look darker- and styled. Plus detangled. Needed that like mad OO)
-Organization XIII coat from Zexion cosplay
-Black gloves, also from Zexion cosplay
-Breastbinder from my Sai&Zexion cosplays
-Black pants (for the lightness and lack of flare, I'm using the pants from my Sai cosplay)
- Shield (in-depth explanation on how I made it are on it's photos, but MAN I am proud of it ^__^)
- FINALLY got a pair of boots that'll work ^^
- LOADS of makeup to get my face closer to the acrylic paint and glue method X_X'....maybe getting some actual shaping of my eyebrows'll help where that's concerned.
My estimated cost for this is about $400. Cost a bundle, for sure. Thank goodness I was able to borrow so much equipment/supplies when making it.

....and as for how this held up, I was miserably hot and my makeup sweat off at AN due to the heat, my shield spikes now need repairing, carrying such a massive shield all day was quite an inconvenience, and my wig got massively tangled. But still, I got stopped every ten seconds for a photo and the compliments I got about my shield were endless, so all in all it was pretty damn successful.

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