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Anyway, all of the really nice, pretty photos wee taken by Knightmare6, who is an amazing photographer on here, while we were at NYAF 2009. Thank you for the photoshoot!! I love the pictures!!

And the TyLee as I said is my sister. Her account name is stephhxstar. She's the one who looks really awesome(well so does my bro but he has no account) so go give her nice comments!!! She totally doesn't have enough.

Okay so I learned something very important while wearing this costume...I look like crap in black hair. Please, anyone out there reading this, never ever let me create a cosplay that has black hair again. ...Or something modeled after a thin, beautiful character, especially if she has very distinctive features that identify her. I look like crap here.... Costume turned out pretty well though I think for my 1st ever time sewing....

Anyway, I didn't style the wig, but I did make everything in it.... the traditional fire lord hairpiece was made by staring at screenshots of what Ozai and Zuko wore, as well as the fanart of Azula that this was originally inspired by. Go see invisiblejohnny on DeviantArt, her work is amazing!!
I drew the shape onto sheet metal doing my best to get the right shape, and then cut it, and the arrow shaped hairpiece holder thing that's supposed to slide through, out with metal cutters, bent the metal so the arrow shaped one could slide through, and spray painted it all antique gold.

The collar sucks, and I need tips on how to make a new one that looks more realistic for NYAF.... But I made everything from those two red 'armor' pieces(I'm not really sure of what to call them actually) that are just below the gold one on up, as well as part of the belt.

The underdress(the long-sleeved red one), as well as the overskirt that ties on(the gold trimmed thing towards the bottom) and most of the belt were commissioned and my friend Eri made them last minute, after another friend who was commissioned to said she had no time. I did modify parts of them though, as there were certain things I wanted changed, and certain parts that didn't fit me the way I wanted- but hey, she was doing this from up in CT, so I have to hand it to her, with me not being around and all. I still have to modify more too- I have to put leather on the belt instead of the black material piece though...I think leather will hang better, etc.

So...this was my first time working with leather... my first time really sewing at all actually. I didn't think I had any talents for things like that, but, even though it took me almost 50 hours to finish all the parts I mentioned doing, I did finish them, and they looked good too.

The gold and black leather armor pieces stood up because there is interfacing sewn into them, and then, in the hem of the bottom layer(each is three layers: the top piece of leather or of gold material you see, an interfacing, and then a black or gold material on the bottom used as lining so you don't see interfacing but see the correct color) I sewed in craft wire(16 gauge I think...) and it worked wonders. Everything stood up at the weird angles it needed to perfectly. That was a tip from one of my friends....

My only problems with the outfit were...1. well I'm too fat and so I really don't look like Azula at all. 2. Nobody I asked knew how to get a 'widow's peak' into the wig, which if you've seen Azula, you know is a trademark element of how she looks. Might be why some people thought I was supposed to be Ozai or Ursa at first glance. The longer hair from the back kept coming into my face too, and then the trademark bangs weren't even noticeable... :( My arms hurt by the end of the day, from pushing the hair back so many times... 3. The gold and the leather pieces kept turning back and forth, which therefore bent the collar(which was not sewn on at all, but only kind of stuffed into it's place, and therefore not really held on well.) A few times when they rotated, the collar almost fell out. The collar did get bent. And them looked really crappy. But I don't know how to keep them all in place. :(

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