Emperor Mateus of Palamecia

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Last Updated: 02-03-2012

"Death, life, even the divine shall come under my rule... For the only one suited to rule - is I!" - The Emperor .... THIS GUY IS SO ARROGANT IT MAKES ME WANNA THROW A RICE BALL IN HIS FACE!! -O- ..Kinda.

This is the costume that I walked into this cosplay world in, The Emperor is my very first cosplay and my very favorite. Though this costume has gone through a lot of updates since then, many of it is still original. :D

Since this was my first costume EVER, I blindly started it with no experience in sewing, armor making, wig styling, or any kind of crafting skills. (I'm a musician, not a crafty person!) Basically there was nothing on this costume that I knew how to make. ;__; IT WAS CRAZY HARD!!!! I clearly wasn't thinking when I started this. (I knew I should have stuck with Rosa instead... way easier lol.) Emperor is defiantly my dream cosplay, and I'm so happy that I decided to go straight ahead and make it, to be my first cosplay to learn from and to make that dream come true all in one shot. @o@

This costume is my favorite for sooo many reasons! One of the reasons is the reactions from con goers. I get a lot of David Bowie jokes, and "What's this UNGAAAAH business?!" quotes, and random people falling down to my feet and bowing down. XD It's hilarious, and I don't see these things coming! And I love acting and being in character as Emperor, because he is so not me... Ordering people around and being arrogant and mean... lD TEEHEE?! And I just love wearing the costume too. (Even though I can't move in it very well.) ._. Now I can understand why Emperor floats a lot in Final Fantasy Dissidia. LOLLLL I ENVY HIM. XD

I love this cosplay. SO MUCH!!!! AHHHH!!! *spins around the room all spaced out* All of my armor is a mix of craft foam, wonderflex, poster board, and lots and lots and gesso! :D
I used 2 wigs for Emperor, and sewed in a ton of wefts to make it fuller. And my horns are made from foam too.. my horns of doom, they stabbed so many inosent people.. ;_;
My staff/septer: I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH IT'S A CRIME!!! It's completely carved out of wood! :D I am very proud of it! I had my dad help teach me the way of wood working *nods* So I am happy how it turned out. And painting it after was fun! I had to seal the wood first before I painted it though. Go Mod Podge! wooo!~ 8D

Blood, sweat, and tears when into this costume by the way... REALLY. HONEST. SERIOUSLY. It's very gross. I won't go into the details. xP

~ UPDATE ~~~ Things that need repairing and redoing for next convention at Anime North 2012: (hehehe! I'll be cosplaying with a Hilda! 8D YAY FF II FTW!~)

-- Shoes: They suffered a lot of damage from conventions. They have done me very well, but now it's time to remake them completely. :( I bought the new shoe base for them, and I really like them. ^^ Now I just have to work on it.
-- Cape wings: I want to adjust them. :) and redo those stupid spikes on them finally lol.
-- Skull on back: I hate it. It's uglee. I want to change it around a little bit.
-- top ball on the Scepter: It's totally busted and broke and smashed. XP I'll save what I can on it... *crying*
-- REMAKE ring: It BROKE off my finger and I ended up losing it at a convention. :'( *more crying*

NOTE: I wanted to get my costume as accurate as I could, I've been REALLY fussy about that. So I looked at LOTS of different pictures of the Emperor to get it accurate - LOTS. ...I don't think I've ever checked out a guy so much. LOL. XD


~*Best walk on at Con-G 2010*~ ~*Best Artisan at Otakuthon 2011*~ ~*photo in magazine*~ ~*and lots of slaves*~ xPPP

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Character Emperor Mateus of Palamecia
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