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I've decided to retire this costume in order to focus on the creation of a better one. I would have loved to have worn it again in January, but I want to make a better version more.

-cut out half of the wefts I put into the tail of the wig. I have learned my lesson. I saved the extensions for another cosplay.

-the armor has been painted but not sealed. Oops. Weíll see how it looks before I decide what to do.

-I made another helmet, but itís a fail thanks to styrene. Oh foolish me.

I bought the collecter's edition of the game and fell in love with Fran and Balthier. I may be a bit behind the times, but I'm determined to do Fran justice!

EDIT: Oh, you fool...

-3 rolls craft foam
-1 small sheet gold craft foam
-Base shoes
-Molding clay
-Latigo lacing (for shoes)
-1 Ĺ yard 93% cotton 7% spandex black material
-1 black zipper
-Copper wire (we used about 120ft of it, I think. Thank goodness for scraps.)
-Metal primer/metal spray paint
-Upholstery vinyl (again, thank goodness for scraps.)
-Base wig
-Extensions (I bought and used 8. Why, oh why did I do this to myself?)
-2 white rabbit pelts
-Red contacts
-Fake nails
-Nail glue

Whatís there to say about Fran as your first hand-made cosplay/ first major sewing project ever?

I knew that I was in for a trip, especially when I decided to help my boyfriend and his brother on Balthier and Larsa, too. And I, being the determined gal that I am, wanted to get as close to accurate as possible on all three. I thought four months would be enough time, too. Was I ever wrong. XD

I started on the thigh pieces and went through an entire roll of craft foam because of my inexperience and misconceptions about how things fit around oneís leg. But after learning that itís best to measure the leg first in two or even three spots, rather than just roll with things, I finally finished both thigh pieces. I couldnít tell you how I finally managed the process of getting everything sized right. After I had the base I sketched and cut out the raised design.

Next came the arm pieces. Like the craft foam, it was simple: measure (x 3!), sketch, cut, and then sketch three more times, (twice for the detailing), cut, design, glue, heat, and mold. Okay, not so simple, especially since I tried to put as much detail as possible into everything. It was the same with the calf pieces and the little foot piece, though by that point my skill at cutting with a tiny blade had much improved and things began to look much nicer.

The body armor: the chainmail was generously made for me by Taber out of copper wire. I lost my patience after the first five inches, so he did the next twenty. Iím undyingly thankful to him for it, because I know how much will he had to summon to do this without tossing everything across the room. We broke it into two pieces to allow better access to the zipper I planned to add to my leotard, failed at soldering the rings closed and used JB Weld instead, and then coated them with gray primer and black spray paint. After about six coats on each side dried, I hand sewed the chainmail into the leotard I made. This took a great deal of time, as I sewed each individual ring on the outside edges and had to sew another, stronger fabric into the stretchy material as well, so things wouldnít, well, stretch.

The torso armor itself was like the rest of armor, though it only took about two days compared to two months to do. The tail was my favorite part to do. :-)
EDIT: The amour has FINALLY been painted. Gar.

The ears were made of real rabbit fur and wire hangers. I colored them with black sharpie and sewed them into the wig after they were all trimmed and shaped, though I didnít like the outcome with them sewn into my wig. They were great until someoneís bag knocked my wig head over during the trip. X.X

The wig was a pain. My sewing machine decided to take a vacation right when I started sewing the wefts, so I had to use the caulking method instead. It took way too long for everything to dry and I ended up stealing Taberís familyís kitchen table for three days because of it. Sewing them the wig wasnít fun, either, but I did it! I didnít get the wig done until the second day of Sakuracon, though, but it ended up just fine. Itís too long, ironically, and is one of the many things I want to fix for next time.

The fake double heels were done with white/gray paint and black molding clay, which I baked onto the base shoes. The paint made an illusion of double heels when on the tile of the convention hall, which looked pretty neat in the few pictures I could find. The toe armor was made of molding clay as well; I made the toes by molding the clay around a wooden pencil and then pinching the ends into claws. I wish I had taken a picture of them before they broke (I didnít place them high enough on my shoes before walking, and the glue didnít hold well enough).

Edit: The toe armor was redone with craft foam. It seems like I can walk about much easier now. I recommend this method.

The helmet. Blargh. Thatís all there is to say.

Things to be improved/done:
-Get different bodysuit

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