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Last Updated: 04-13-2012

I'm really proud of this cosplay. I'm very happy with how the hat looks. The ears came out way better then i had expected. And i'm in general proud of how the whole cosplay came together. I had lots of fun while wearing this costume.

Worn on:
F.A.C.T.S 2009 (Belgium)
Japan Expo Paris 2010 (France) - Saturday

========= CREATION =========

I started making a wire frame with at its base a belt (leftover from my old Lulu costume) supporting it. The hat is made out of 2 pieces: the base hat and the visor. Afterwards i made same frabric covers that were placed over the wireframe. The wings are made out of foamboard.

I made 2 spears. Both looked very similar and both ended in a tragic story.

It took ages to make the first spear (yes weird, for such a simple staff) and in the end half of it got lost/forgotten/stolen on the first convention i wore Freya to. ^^ It was ugly like hell so i dont mind it so much that it got "lost". The spear tip was made of foamboard, just like the ears on the hat. But unlike the ears, the spear didn't felt like cooperating much. I think i painted it over 15 times, trying to get a nice metallic effect. The stanley knife that was used to cut the foamboard with, wasn't sharp enough, resulting in a spear that had fractured edges. The mistake i made is not getting a new knife and just redo the shape. In stead i figured i could solve it with some more paint. But after many coats of paint, it just looked like a toy weapon. Afterwards I tried using metallic spraypaint, but the original paint ruined the metallic paint effect. The result was a spear that looked like it was made out of silver foil. In the end i chose to go back to the toy-like look. (another 4 layers of paint added)

I remade the spear for a final photoshoot. I still had parts of the spear tip and just added some more foam, foamboard and paper mache to give it a better look (also i added the missing details that i forgot the first time around). But being the impatient person i am, i didn't want to add too much paper mache, since that takes a while to dry. I also didn't felt like smoothing the surface much, so i had to solve the small bad looking texture with ... MORE PAINT. ^^;; (At least i was smart enough to first peal off the 20 first layers originating from spear 1.0). The spear looked quite nice, but didn't have a long life either. I used the spear as replacement of a yet-to-be-made staff for another cosplay rehearsal. But thanks to my own stupidity i fell and broke it. ^^;;

This one was a bit of a challenge. I bought elastic fabric and started making stockings. I was going to buy pin-up shoes with a see-through colour heel. But for some reason i could only find one pair of shoes that kind of fit the profile and they weren't even in my size. (I went on a shopping spree during the spring, go figure why i couldn't find good shoes). I finally settled with silver shoes with a less high heel than that i wanted. I still regret buying those shoes. This summer i actually found over a dozen shoes that were the perfect ones, but alas i already made my stockings by then and i didn't feel like redoing them.
I was only going to attach the fabric on 2 or 3 spots to the shoe, but for some weird reason i got ugly foldings in the fabric. So eventually i ended up making a boot from the stockings + bought shoes. This took quite a long time to make since i had to redo the shoes a few times because of nasty folds.

I searched for weeks to find the right material. I think i cruised about 3 or 4 cities asking every handycraft and for wire that could be bend but stay firm in its shape. I ended up using welding wire that i found in our own basement. (=_= DOH) The hardest part of this one, was making the tail-coat and turning it inside out, so people wouldn't see the stitching.

Something i poundered about for some time. Eventually the collar became a chocker with a front "flap". ^^ At first it felt like i would suffocate wearing it, but in the end i got quite used to wearing it. It's rather nicely done, it didn't move. But i maybe should have ironed it so that folds would stay 24/7 in it.

The coat of arms is made out of 4 pieces of fabric, all sewn together. The symbols were hand painted on the pieces of fabric. Another mistake i made is painting the symbols BEFORE i sew the pieces together. Resulting in the fact that they aren't centered. It was quite hard to find the right width and height for the 4 pieces. And due to lack of time i couldn't redo this part. Also the green fabric is satin and thus looks a bit more shiny then the others. None of the markets i went to, sold the right green color of fabric, so i went with satin, since it kind of gave the right look (from afar).
The first harnass i made, was made from real belts. It looked really nice, but soon after, i realised it was too big for me. So i had to redo it with fake leather parts. It doesn't really look all that nice, especially not if you compair it to the one i made before. The shoulder pieces were made out of foamboard again, spraid with metallic paint.
This whole set was in the end still too big. And should be redone. (god not again *cries in a corner*)

have fun ~~

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Character Freija / Freya Crescent
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