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Last Updated: 09-07-2010

I'm very hesitant to start this costume since it's somewhat complicated, but I think I have it in me to do this if I plan it right. I just need to break it down and do it one step at a time.

I'm planning to have Zelly finished by A-Kon 2010. Wish me luck!

-Update 1/18/10-
Went to Hobby Lobby today to buy fabric and a pattern for Zelly's dress! I can't wait to start working on it! <3

-Update 1/24/10-
Cut out the pattern and fabric for the dress! It actually turns out that I got the wrong size of pattern, though, so my mom and I had to make some adjustments. ^^; I think it will turn out well, though! I'm going to start sewing it tomorrow and hopefully it will be finished by this weekend!

-Update 3/15/10-
(Mostly) finished the with the dress- need to hem the bottom and the shoulder straps, still. I took advantage of CosWorx's sale and went ahead and bought my wig and a new wig cap. Then I searched around and bought some opera gloves, too. =) It's coming along quite nicely!
While I wait, I'm trying to make a pattern for the top part of the dress. It's not exactly going along as easily as I thought... It'll probably take me a while to get all the kinks out of it. x__x

-Update 3/18/10-
FINISHED the top part of the dress today, hemmed and all! Well, except for the "sleeve" edges. The pattern that I used for it originally had sleeves attached, but, of course, I didn't use those. So my mom and I are probably going to need to go to Handcocks to get some seam sealer or something.
Also, my gloves came in the mail today! So excited! This is actually starting to look like Zelda! ;P

-Update 3/23/10-
The wig arrived in the mail today! It. Is. REALLY. LONG. REALLY. REALLY. LONG. *dies* It gets tangled SOO easily it's not even funny! I barely got to a point where I could braid the hair into the right place- the tangles are far from gone. This is going to take a LOT of work.

-Update 4/17/10-
I FINALLY got ALL of the tangles out of my wig! *victory dance* It took HOURS and many episodes of Death Note for me to get my act together and untangle and style that thing.
I've also started making my crown! :D For now, it's just an oval of baling wire with sculpey on it, but it'll turn out great. XD (I hope!)

-Update 4/26/10-
Got the middle piece of the crown sculpted! I kinda baked it too long, though, so it looks pretty fugly. I also don't really know if the "base" piece I made will work. It sits really tightly on my head- even without my wig on. Not good. We'll see how this will work out. -__-||
I plan on sculpting the rest of the leaf-looking things on the crown tomorrow, then painting them all separately, then putting them all together! THEN, I'll try to get my act together and make my armor. *is scared*

-Update 6/1/10-
I decided not to stress myself out too much- I know for a fact that it won't get done in time for A-kon. I'll definitely be finishing around A-Fest. -__-||

-Update 7/16/10-
I've gotten a WHOLE lot more done since June! My 'apron' is finished, my armor is finished (I just need to touch up the paint a bit), I've got the outline for my sword on styrofoam, and I've got the outline for my belt jewels on styrofoam, too. :D It's looking good for A-Fest!

-Update 9/7/10-
Even though I ripped out all of the ribbons in my hair by the end of the day, I'd say Zelda was pretty successful. :D

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Character Princess Zelda
Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess​
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Upload Date 12-19-2009
Debuted A-Fest 2010

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