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Last Updated: 03-26-2010

Being such a huge fan of the Macross Frontier series, it was only a matter of time b4 i decided
to cosplay the Galactic fairy, Sheryl Nome :)

There’s something about Sheryl that makes her a likeable person despite her at times diva-ish behaviour...and i m happy that she grew into a more mature woman as the series progresses...u can count on her self-confidence wen the going gets tough (and i badly need such self-confidence >.<)

Since Sheryl has like gazillions of versions, i was spoilt for choice...I fell in love wif this version of her dress the moment i saw it in episode 7 and wen she sang Infinity, i went WOW....I love the part wen she sez she’s singing this song for ppl who gave their lives protecting others (indirectly she meant Alto lar LOL) ....till today, i still get goosebumps each time i watch episode 7 and hear her sing that was THIS song that made an impact on me the 1st time i watched Macross Frontier, so wat a better way to commemorate that than to cosplay this red dress version? XD

I know many ppl might not know this version but heck cares...this version deserves more love cuz i dun see many ppl doing this version :(.... .i love this version of her...i mean, wat else could be more iconic than the purple hair (seriously, how could she change her hair colour onstage so fast!?!?), the red halter neck dress, long scarf, thigh-high slit and high heels?!?!

The iconic aspect of this cosplay has gotta be the red dress and i chose a maroon colour for the dress based on the stills i got from that episode....I tailor-made this dress cuz i lack the skills to sew it myself...and as usual, i went back to my awesome tailor who made my Zhen Ji and Hino Kahoko costume :) I listed out EVERY details of the dress and how i want it to be and brought him samples of the cloth...I insisted that my dress has to be flared at the hemline, the dress had to be fitting and the cloth must be light enuf to “fly” wen there is wind blowing it....the scarf has to be long and flared at the ends as well and there MUST be a HUGE bow at the nape....i guess my tailor really got a headache from all the demands i made LOL

I LOVE the end result of the dress cuz it fitted me well and gave me a lovely silhouette ^__^ I had boobs (LOL!) and curvy hips and the thigh-high slit made my legs looked long....HOHOHOHOHOHO....My only grouses are that the huge ribbon wasn’t stiff enuf and the tailor made the mistake of making two scarves instead of one @__@ Oh well, i think i will fix that wen i have the time....haha...

After the dress was settled, i bought her wig and earrings from online how the shade of purple looked in real life and the quality of the wig is good :) The pair of earrings was ordered from Taiwan and i had to alter the hook at the earrings for me to wear it....u see i dun have ear holes for earrings cuz i m allergic to practically EVERYTHING used to make earrings: plastic, silver and even gold @__@ So i altered the hook on the earring by attaching clip-ons on it :) For this version, Sheryl only had one side of her earring cuz she gave the other side to Alto...

Then i made the headpiece by combining 3 corsages into one and glueing a shark clip on it ..hehe...i got this idea while browsing thru my usual haberdashery shop in Penang...For the T-bar heels, i bought it from a shopping mall here as well and bought special nylon pantyhose for it...yeah, my legs aren’t as nice cuz of all the mosquito bite marks, so had to use pantyhose to cover it T^T

Last but not least is Sheryl’s iconic microphone...i made that in record time: 2 hours LOL! I was free at that time and decided on a whim to make the mic...since it was made on a whim, all the materials were recycled from my previous the foam sheet from my Tsuna X-Gloves and the leftover wooden rod from my P3 sword... of the cheapest prop i ever made cuz i dun need to buy anything for it LOL.... i used the wooden rod as the base for the mic and cut out strips of the foam to “wrap” it around the rod...

The hardest part has gotta be the “weaving” pattern u see on her mic @__@I screwed up the earlier part of it but thank God it wasn’t noticeable..hehe...after that was done, i painted it gold using the leftover acrylic gold paint from my Zhen Ji props...since acrylic paint and foam don’t go hand-in-hand, i had to paint a few layers of it to get the desired effect...i am happy wif the way it turned out :) Thanks hito for taking such a good care of my mic and even finding a nice box for it *hugz*

Portrayal-wise, i didn’t struggle as much as i did wif Alto...though i had problems walking in the costume cuz of the long scarf and floor-sweeping dress @__@ Thanks to my gang who helped me out while i was in this costume *hugz* XD I practiced posing wif this dress many times to get the pose right and though the dress is simple, posing in it wasn’t wen u take into account the positions of thigh-high slit and long, long scarf @___@

The BEST part has gotta be having the shoot wif my Alto, Ranka and trusty photographer, Xanthe ^__^ The shoot itself was HOT (literally and the sun was a torture at that time) but it was great to see all of us cosplaying the right versions of the outfits for episode 7...hehe...Too bad our brains got fried by the afternoon sun =_=;;;

How the entire cosplay turned out? Gotta wait for the pix to see XD

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