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Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Last Updated: 05-02-2011

PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY I FINISHED IT!!!AND OHEMGY DID IT TAKE A LONG TIME!!! But I really enjoyed making it! It wasn't as easy as i thought it was going to be so it was quite a challenge, but i still Love it!!! This is my first official cosplay and I wore it to Disneyland with my Best Friend who cosplayed Tifa. (I also made her outfit while making this one).

I also wore this to my very first anime convention with my best friend,at the Bak-Anime, where we made a couple of new friends who were dressed up as Vincent and Sephiroth! (Though Sephiroth made me nervous :/ ) Lol Jk. We got to meet Liam O'brien! It was awesome!

How It Was Made:


The white shirt was bought at some store in the mall for $3 bucks. (I can't remember the name of the store right now). The flowers were bought at Michaels for $1 and sewn on. I was surprised to find flowers that resembled hers as much mine do! I didn't think i would be able to seeing how its so hard to find great quality stuff for cheap! And I was so excited when i did!!

The pink shirt was an accidentel find! I found it at Walgreens for like $2, when all we were going in there for was some cookies and soda!!! LOl.. I was so excited when i found it cause not only did it match perfectly with the colour of Aerith's pink shirt, but it also matched the colour of the pink material I had just bought that day for my bow! Talk about favor! Plus it had wider straps so you can see the pink a little more and it also fit me! I just had to adjust the straps to my size and voila!

I'm sad to say I did not make that actual skirt part. I was planning to but i couldn't find a good enough material for it so i figured i'd just wait and see.. But then one day my mom and I went shopping for jeans at Ross and i found the skirt which had the perfect slightly cringed type of white material and was already the 3 layered style i needed! All I had to do was sew the pattern on, add the trim at the bottom and done! I got it for $12 bucks i think and it works really well as her skirt! :)

Well, I first measured out how i was wanting all 3 of the lace patterns to fit on me/my outfit. Then i measured out how i big i wanted them to be, so they would fit inside of the measurments (each one, of course, increasing in size - and since i'm really short it was kinda hard cause i wanted it to look as close to aerith's as i could but not have it all huge on me). Lol Anyway.. Then i made the pattern, cut it, spread it apart according to the measurements and glued it onto my skirt with LIQUID STITCH. I started to sew it on but it wasn't turning out quite the way it would have liked, so i re did it with the glue (which I think made it look alot neater). After it had dried, i took a light blue thin bias tape and glued it from end to end, along the edge of the pattern. Then cut off at the end what i didn't need, which gave it that diamond look. (I Used Bias Tape cause i didn't it to look all shiny and ribbon would have given it the wrong look).

So my mom and went shopping again with one of our foreign exchange students and we took her to Kohls where there was a major shoe sale going on!!! That's where i found the perfect pair of shoes for my outfit for only $7!!! WOOT!! I love Kohls!!! I sewed leftover pink material from my bow onto the shoe and then sewed the same flowers from Michaels on as well! I think they're pretty awesome! Though I haven't worn them as Aerith yet.. But I will! I promise!!

I'll give more details on how this was made when I have the time but for now just enjoy!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask!! :)

*Ok.. 2 things..
One is the my hair wasn't exactly like Aerith's in these pictures because my hair REFUSES to hold curls and it was very windy out so by the time we got to Disneyland my 2 locks of curls had already fallen out...

Second this is I know how most girls are about having everything accurate while debuting a costume, but i'm asking you to go easy on me cause i wasn't about ready to walk around Disneyland wearing heels all day! Sorry.. I have the shoes so maybe I'll take some more pictures another time while wearing them.. :)


Favorite Part : The Bow!!! :) It's so much fun to wear and I just love it!!!

Least Favorite Part : The hairstyle! >.< I can tell you I'm definately not a big fan of doing Aerith's hairstyle! Mostly cause it's so hard to keep my hair in that perfect little twist she has and styling the bangs can be a pain! However it looks rather cute on her!

Easiest Part : You'd think it'd be the lace wouldn't you? But no! For me it was the bow. It only took me a half hour to make it!

Hardest Part : The Lace!!! Yes! That was the most difficult part of this outfit! I was so determined to get the lace part just right and as perfect as i could, and it wasn't easy holding it tight enough and in place in order to get the bias tape to stay the way I wanted it to!

Most Expensive Part: The Lace! I know, I know! I didn't think it would be that much, but I went through at least 6 packages of the half inch wide bias tape and that's what raised my budget price. Lol. **Tip on doing the lace. If you plan on taking my approach to her lace, I suggest you use the half inch wide bias tape. Do what i did and cut down the middle of the tape, then fold the two halves like regular BT. Trust me!! It'll save you money!!**

Least Expensive Part : The pink undershirt which I got at Walgreens for 2 bucks!!! I love accidental finds!!! :) Lol!

Most Fun Part To Wear : The Bow! LOl ^.^

Least Fun Part To Wear : The skirt in itself can be a pain! I'm not used to wearing skirts and it tends to wrap around my legs some. Plus, I'm always concerned about sitting down; Seeing how the skirt is white, I'm always afraid its gonna get dirty!! Lol.

Unusual Attributes : My Skirt tends to poof out in the back! Lol :)

Unique Attributes : My Skirt has no pockets and I hate carring purses! And since Aerith carries a flower basket around, I decided to turn my basket into a purse! I made the basket myself and sewed flowers to the top cover which hides what's underneath, but can be removed so i can put my stuff inside!!!

*Thank You God for giving me the ability to do this costume! And Thank You for giving me the drive, focus, creativity, patience and strength needed to finish it! my goal IS accomplished! May YOUR glory be shown through my work and may all Praise be to YOU!!!*

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Character Aerith Gainsborough
Series Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
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