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Severus Snape

Harry Potter Series

Last Updated: 08-22-2011 start with let's scratch off things that I bought and didn't make: White collared shirt, black pants, black socks, black dress shoes. Ok, moving on.

Jacket: This was a pain...since every time I looked at it there was something new to notice and make it that much harder to do. The collar was insanely tall (and I need to interface it with something stronger since it didn't want to stay up). The monster has 3 pleats in the back and diagonal pockets, and goes down to the knees. But the killer was the 30 buttons...9 on each sleeve and 12 down the front. I ended up modifying a cassock pattern for the coat (and love the irony thereof). The sleeves had to be heavily modified order to allow for the functional buttons and make them fit me better. There are still things that I'd like to interface the front so it lays flatter, and line the whole thing...but I'll leave those for when I have downtime.

Cloak: I made this within 24 hours of when I was going to wear it...didn't sleep the night before con because of that but sooo worth it. The actual construction of it threw me for a loop for a of which being that I couldn't tell if it actually had sleeves or not. I went with sleeves since it was easier for my brain. I went and found a good wizard cloak pattern to use as a base...the problem being that the only size they had was for small children. So the base muslins for this thing and it barely reaches my hips. In the end...I had a lot of lengthening to do and even rotated the sleeves so that the seam lined up where I wanted it to. I didn't have time to hem the entire thing before didn't. Now it has a beautiful narrow hem. I also added a wand holster sewn into the seam allowance. It's made out of pleather and covered with the same fabric as the cloak so that it blends in.

Wig: I AM SO DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF FOR THIS ONE. Got a Hannah from cosworx as the base. Then I put in his pathetic excuse for bangs and attacked it with my thinning shears to make it...well, thinner. But that isn't even the best part. After the cutting...I rubbed and combed VASALINE into the wig to give it that greasy feel to it. BEST WIG STYLING IDEA EVER!!! (That stuff really doesn't want to wash out BTW...I tried since I didn't want to store my wig like that)

Cravat: made from extra lining from something else...just a rectangular piece of fabric. May make something more accurate later but probably not, this works well enough.

Wand: My current wand is a replica from Universal Studios Wizarding World, can't say much more than that. My old wand though, may it rest in pieces. I basically took some cheap-o wood I had lying around from something else...but it was square so I whittled it down by hand to the correct circular shape and rounded off the end. I then used model magic to construct the handle...paying attention to general shapes (and just not bothering with all the insane Celtic designs of DOOM). Then I painted the whole thing. Then I sat on it while changing into the costume at the con...and it snapped in two before I even got one photo with it.


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Character Severus Snape
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