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Pandora Hearts

Last Updated: 11-10-2010

I absolutely adore this character and this cosplay! <3

-Hat, pants, shoes, and wig: You know, the easy stuff. :P The hat and pants were just bought, though I may go back and cover the hat in a different material one of these days. The shoes were given to me by atomicovaries and I just had to paint the soles silver. The wig was just Jing rinsed out. I needed a new Jing wig anyway. ^^;

-The coat: I made the coat out of wool, broadcloth lining, and a weird silver faux leather that I found at work. I drafted the pattern, fitted everything, top-stitched all the silver. All that good stuff. The main challenge was the back shoulder panel (since I've never done one before) and the bow, which defies all laws of physics. I ended up putting a medium gauge wire into the piping on the bow in order to give it its shape and the needed lift. Aside as a side note: I LOVE MY BUTTONS OMG The have little British style crests on them. :3 *loves*

-The shirt and cravat: Hooooo crap, these two things. Banes of my existence. The shirt mainly because shirts don't act like that and the cravat because it should actually by a double layered tie. (HAHA WHO WAS SMOKING WHAT WHEN THEY THOUGHT THAT UP?!) Either way, those two were a lot of trial-and-error and it was made way more frustrating since the material I chose ended up snagging a lot more than I thought it would. :< But alas, I think they both came out okay at least.

-The gloves: Not too much to say about these. Basic glove pattern with a paint job on the back.

-The gun and the holster: The gun was actually made by omnichan's husband (HOMG LOVE YOU) and I just painted the designs on it. Then I just made the holster to size out of vinyl. Yay, vinyl!

EDIT: I'm getting a new wig, redid the paint job on my gun, remade the shirt, remade the cravat, and am getting my first set of colored contacts for the cosplay! C:

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Character Gilbert Nightray
Series Pandora Hearts
Costume Views 3615
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Upload Date 04-26-2010
Debuted Anime Zap '10

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