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I made this for my Best Friend for when we went to Disney... Boy, do I hate Pleats!!! >.< More Detail Later.. Pictures in my Aerith sections..

Well I finally have some time to put a little info on how i made this, so i'll do just that :)

How it was Made:

Made out of Vinyl and a some sort of thin black fabric.. Ha. I forgot what kind of fabric it is but it doesn't matter cause you can use whatever you like for the inside if you use vinyl.. Anyways. I just took an old shirt that fit me, cut off the sleeves and used that as a pattern. I hand sewed it together cause i didn't have a pedal to my sewing machine at the time, but it still looks awesome! Then i took a 13 inch zipper (cause that's how long the vest is) and sewed it on. WOOT! Easy! i might remake this sometime in far future but i haven't decided..

White Shirt:
Just took an old white shirt and removed the sleeves..

I was gonna make these myself, but I was too afraid I would mess em up seeing how they weren't for me! Lol. So we went out and found some cheap pants from Ross that were comfortable enough for her to move around in. Then I shortened them just above the knees and added the ribbons which are sewn to the pants so they don't move around. Then I added the buttons on the back pockets and the little loops on her pants which the ribbons go through to help them stay up.

Some girls call it a cape... Some Girls call it an apron... I call it a Capron!!! This was by far the hardest thing ever and it was through this journey that i discovered how much i hate pleats!!! >.< Originally this was going to be a Vinyl like most girls have.. But then I watched the movie on my bigger tv and I realized Tifa's capron is not leather! If you look closely enough you can see the details of the material.. So i went with this nice stretch cotton polyester type of fabric (forgive me! I'm really sucking on fabric names today Xp).. I like this material better because it moves around and is flowy, unlike the leather or vinyl which would've been stiff and rather shiny! Lol
Apron: The apron part was pretty easy. I just cut a square and added the pockets and buttons.
Cape: Now i've noticed that some girls make the pleats going all the way up on her capron and some have a very small portion be pleats and the rest it the cut off. If you happen to notice the cut off of the cape is the same length of the apron part and also does thie curvy thing at the bottom, so i made sure i did that; which was a little difficult with how tiny my friend and I are but I managed to achieve it! The first half of the capron (which i call the cut off) is the same length of the apron. I sewed that first. Then i measured out the second half where the pleats were going to be, cut it, pleated the top edge of the second half then pined it to the bottom of the cut off. I sewed them together then pleated the rest of it. The pleats were incredibly annoying because of how the material is. They kept moving around! But eventually i was able to pin them down how i wanted and they turned out great! There's a total of 8 pleats on this capron. I know most girls do six but trust me girls, there's 8!

The capron has a loop at the very top edge which the belt goes so its easy to get on and off.

Shoes: Converse! Obviously! I took them and sewed the bottom of the tounge to the edges of the flaps so the wouldn't move anywhere and added a loop to the top of the tounge which the ribbon goes through to keep it in place..

Gloves: My friend found them lying around in her house was like "Lets use these!" Lol.. She never actually wore them though.. Just kept them in her back pocket.

Belt: bought at Goodwill i think?

Red ribbon: I think it answers itself. Surprisingly it stayed on her arm! The First time anyway! It tends to fall off every once in a while.. Next time we plan on duct taping it to her arm!! Lol

Earring : Made out of a pearl teardrop pendant and bead.. Sad pard is she couldn't wear it cause the whole in her ear closed up.. :( but its ok seeing how you wouldn't have seen it behind her hair anyway..

Well that's basically it.. I'll probably go more in depth with the detail later but for now you get and idea.


Favorite Part : "The Capron! Because its fun to wear! :D" -Tifa

Least Favorite Part : "The Vest... -.-" -Tifa

Easiest Part : The Earring!

Hardest Part : PLEATS!!!!! Boy do I GREATLY dislike those pleats with a PASSION!!!!

Most Expensive Part: Probably the shoes...

Least Expensive Part : The Red Ribbon...

Most Fun Part To Wear : "The Capron! :D" -Tifa

Least Fun Part To Wear : "The Vest >.<" -Tifa

Unusual Attributes : N/A

Unique Attributes : N/A

Well, that's basically it... Sorry for the lack of pictures! My friend is not to big on pictures! Lol. But we're planning on doing an actual photoshoot sometime so hopefully I'll have better pictures!

*Thank You God for giving me the ability to do this costume! And Thank You for giving me the drive, focus, creativity, patience and strength needed to finish it! my goal IS accomplished! May YOUR glory be shown through my work and may all Praise be to YOU!!!*


Best Craftmanship : Bak-Anime 2011

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