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UPDATE: Dec. 19, 2010

So, Suki was a huge hit this year at both Anime North and Otakuthon (despite all of the costume malfunctions), but a lot of things can be impoved on, so as of now I'm currently going to be retiring this cosplay until I find means (and interest) of remaking it again.


So, Suki debuted at Anime North this year and was a huge hit! I was surprised how many people wanted my picture and still amazed how well this whole thing held together for the entire day (besides re-applying my makeup halfway through the day).

Unfortunately, there were a lot of things that went wrong with this cosplay. The robe was held together with hot glue due to some last minute costume malfunctions that made me unable to attend my Avatar photoshoot this year (which still makes me disappointed for all of the other people who came and were wondering where I was). The seams started to pop open later on, but it was strangely held together with dental floss (my friend forgot to pack some thread with her in her emergency kit). I lost my fans near the evening when I was walking back to my hotel, since I had been keeping them in my sash/belt and must have gotten loose enough for them to fall out without me noticing.

The body armor held up pretty well until mid-way through the day when one of my shoulder guards decided to break, forcing me to push it up whenever I was in photos. I'll be definitely be updating the armor pieces with regular material instead of craft foam, since it will be more durable this way (plus, half of the actual craft foam armor was squished when I sat down).


OMG, this was one of my dream cosplays ever since I got sucked into the series. “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, however not being an actual anime, was pretty close to one in my heart. It’s one of my favorite cartoons when it comes to story, characters, ideas, music and amazing voice acting (next to “Gargoyles”, “Batman: The Animated Series” and “The Spectacular Spider-Man”). It’s even got one of the biggest (and craziest) fanbases I’ve ever seen for a cartoon! Even the cosplayers are f-ing amazing!

The idea for me to do an Avatar cosplay went back to a couple of years ago when I hung out at my college anime club, where my friends and I were discussing about which Avatar character we would be able to cosplay the best. A lot of my friends said I was definitely a dead look-alike for Suki. (“The Warriors of Kyoshi” was also the first episode of Avatar I had ever seen!) So when I saw the trailer for M. Night Shamalan’s: “The Last Airbender” and found out it was coming out Summer 2010, I finally hopped on the Avatar cosplay bandwagon.

MAKEUP– All professional theatrical makeup that I bought at a costume related store downtown where I go to school. All of it was $42 (excluding another $6 in taxes. Ugh).

As for the construction of the makeup, I used Paradise White foundation for the base. Then added Mehron Clown White cream makeup and touched it up with a neutral setting powder. Finally, I used Mehron color cups in red for the eyes and lips (put clear lip balm before applying the red to the lips) and used WetnWild Fantasy Makers in Black for the eyebrows.

HEADDRESS & ARMOR– Made both out of craft foam, following a very handy tutorial that a few fellow friends on the site linked me to. (

The tassels were made from thick gold cord and tied on with mini tassels. Both of them held up well for most of the day. Unfortunately, the body armor became scratched and warped over time, until finally pieces started to get squished when I sat down. If I remake this costume again, I’ll be making the body armor out of fabric, since it will be a lot more durable to wear when sitting down.

ROBE & SKIRT– Found some cotton and broadcloth that were close to the exact colors for the uniform. And thanks to my membership to my fabric store, all of it was $30! The top pattern was made from a labcoat pattern (Simplicity #5443), while the skirt pattern was Newlook #6762. The skirt held, but the jacket didn’t, mainly because of procrastinating and sloppy last minute work (It was held together with hot glue so pieces of it began to tear. Luckily, by some strange case of luck, my friend had floss in her emergency kit instead of thread and did a quick patch job. Fixed everything later on with fabric glue.

GLOVES– These were a little bit trickier than I expected, since they were two colored gloves. (Took me two times to get the stitching right!) Spandex is always a good material to make gloves and they were exceptionally comfortable to wear.

SHOES– Found a pair of black flats at Ardene for $12.50 and were worn with black stockings.

CONTACTS – Bought a prescription of Newlook Dimensions contacts in Pacific Blue for the con, since my eye color wasn’t blue (plus, I wanted to throw in a little bit of accuracy). $55, per box. ($110)

FANS– Bought two $2 fans in Chinatown and painted them with yellow and gold acrylic paint. Unfortunately, I lost them during the Saturday evening of the con when I was walking back to my hotel! Baww... Replaced them for Otakuthon.
Total: $230 (CAD)

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