Lightning (Claire Farron)

Final Fantasy XIII

Last Updated: 04-02-2013

I know this outfit isn't as accurate as it could be. I still love it all the same. >.<


-Wig: The wig I bought pre-styled from Fantasy Sheep on eBay. I only had to cut the bangs in! I am however trying to loosen the curls to get it to look more accurate.

-Undershirt: I found a brown ribbed knit which was a rather lucky break for me! A simply constructed top. Not much to say about it.

-Vest: This is were most of my time went for this costume. Getting the fit right, plus there was a lot of vinyl to topstitch (for the pockets and belts and such).

-Pauldron (a.k.a. the shoulder thingy): I actually made it out of model magic, but I broke it due to my own carelessness. I'll need to remake it.

-Necklace: Handmade :D Woooooo~ Seriously though, it's just a little bit of sculpty, some paint, and some fake rhinestones.

-Armbands: The top one I wove together out of leather strips. @_@ Pain in the butt that was. (I was probably doing it wrong.) The bottom one was topstitched vinyl (yet again!) and embroidery floss.

-Gloves: auhadgd I screwed up on these. Badly. They'll be redone before I wear this costume again. *dislikes glove making*

-Skirt/shorts: The skirt was wool with functionally zippers up the front, but I shrunk it in the wash! *is a doofus* So that ALSO needs to be remade, which is fine since it'll allow me to get a more accurate color. The undershorts were irritating due to the lacings, but I think they turned out okay! :)

-Leg bag: I like it, mainly due to how functional it is! :D Yay for carrying stuff! It was also my first time using magnetic purse closures!

-Boots: I took old boots I had and added the upper flaps. The mini-belts were actually pretty fun to make! At least more fun than the rest of the belts for this outfit. '3' Regardless, I need to think of a better way to keep the shoes closed since they aren't supposed to be lace-front shoes.

EDIT: I remade the skirt, gloves, and pauldron; restyled the wig; made a sheath; fixed the boots; and finished making the gunblade (Lionheart~) with That_Guy's help! ^^

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Character Lightning (Claire Farron)
Series Final Fantasy XIII
Costume Views 4959
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Comments 5
Upload Date 06-23-2010
Debuted Anime Iowa '10

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