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Final Fantasy XIII

Last Updated: 07-20-2011

Updates: redoing stuffs meows

At first when I saw vanille images...I was like " Noo waay I'll never cosplay her! Her outfit is so skimpy and too much work!" Then I bought the the game...and I LOVE HER! She's such a positive and cheery person!
A lot of people who know that I cosplayed opposed me of cosplaying Vanille because er..I'm young and her outfit was skimpy geez I'm not that young xD. I pretty much made everything bigger to cover more skin >.< yea I'm insecure about my body.
This is a noob's work....so it's not 100% accurate >.<
--Top: I used curtains. Yes, I used curtains that was flooded by hurricane. Don't worry I cleaned it xD. The texture was very similiar to Vanille^^.

--Skirt: Made by stretchy fabric. I dyed it 3 times to gain the correct color. I will redye soon :)

--Furry Cape: I used Minky Shag. Took me 3 days to get it to the point that I was happy with. Yes, I pleated when I should have just cut it into a semi circle! gah stupid me... The black belt was leather. The fur was 13 dollars..the most expensive thing!
Edit: So I boguth new fur of same type and cut it to half a circle. Then attached to my waste with that black belt part and it works better^^

--Back Holster: yes me no money me used felt. Redo and used leather:D

--White ugly bead: Made out of felt. ^^
++++++Updated: I used foam now. It's mroe stable and looks better.

--Boots: T-T...my sheep... Well er the boots were originally from my mom. It's really old and molded and dirty. Gave it a good wash and painted it^^.
I SACRIFICED MY SHEEP FOR TEH WHITE FUR. Yes, I chopped off legs on my stuffed sheep...This is LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER!! LOL I bought new fur and changed it... poor sheep

--Pouch: Made out of suede^^. I found metal part while going to a bakery store :). White part was felt. It was attached by suede lace.

--Back Plate: This was pretty easy took alot of time though. The abse was foam. Then I coated it with dark brown felt. The cut thin strips of light brown felt and pasted it over for a 3D-ness. Triangle part was craft foam^^ Then I attached liek 20 strands of beads onto it.

--Belt: What can I say...Felt and craft foams are the best materials for this costume! I used the same method as the back plate. Silver part was foam and brown part was felt^^.
++++Updated the jewel part with clay.

--Beads: Me: Dad look I'm done with the beads!
Dad: Mh hmm!
Beads: * fell from thread....
GAAH!! This part was very frustrating because the fudging beads keep rolling and falling and ..blah! But I got it under control lols. Took me about 7 hours on all the beads.
++++Updated the middle part beads^^

--Fangs: At first I had no idea how the hell will I do this. Then suddenly my Origami skills kicks in! xD yes, I made origami claws then colored it brown.

--Wig: I'M SO HAPPY! I finally got the wig! It took like 6 weeks for it to get here...since july 6 and now I finally got it!!! I'm so happy it's exactly vanille's! and it's free!

--Necklace: The most frustrating part THIS THIS! I ran out of money when I bought pipes for the weapon so er...I had no idea how to make this. Then I found water filter tubes. LOL yea xP. I covered the tube with leftover felts and voila!

--Bracelets: Walmart bought for $4

--Earings: Walmart Bought for $5

--Weapon: This was my first time propping ever! I did 98% of the work on the weapon. 2% goes to my dad for getting free supplies for me :)! It took me 4 days to make the weapon. ( I added new stuffs now lols)
total: about 8 dollars


-Many items were recycled.
-I am 4'11.
-I love this cosplay.
-My sheep died.
-I am poor.
-I bought cheap beads.
- ---Total: about $100 dollars
+++ It's now about $112
+++ $77! The wig was free :D!

Gah I am madly in love with FFXIII as you can see :) Next I will tackle Lightning! YEA!

I LOVE THIS COSTUME SO MUCH IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE!!!!!! I am super proud of it! I never though I could do this! I LOVE IT!

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