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Mary is one of those Silent Hill characters who is SO pivotal to the plot and yet doesn't get enough love. I was in the thrift store one day and spotted a dress with the most perfect pattern for her and I couldn't help pick it up and at least try to work with it.
I bleached it to lighten the background from a taupe color to a more cream-y beige and then I carefully hand painted the flowers. They ended up being a bit more opaque than I had hoped for, but the yellow and blue showed through too much when I went for a more transparent look. I was lucky the dress was huge because I was able to squeeze out both dress and collar without a problem.

The sweater was found later and every seam was completely modified. It took me forever to find it because I wanted to find a nice grain. Mary's sweater is slightly unrealistic because it seems rather thin but you can see the large knitting on it. Sweaters with large knitting are almost always thicker, so hopefully that doesn't detract too much.
I made the center line out of fabric glue and the buttons are button tops that aren't functional. I glued the hem up so that it matches Mary's very slight line at the bottom of her sweater...the sleeves already had that so they didn't need altering.

I am wearing super sheer tights, and the shoes are unaltered bases from goodwill. I made her ring, earrings and necklace out of model magic. I don't have pierced ears, so the earrings are temporarily glued on...

The wig is a forever young Susan in 30, styled by myself. I thinned out the ends a lot, and even at that the bun remained kinda thick. As I wore the wig for the shoot it started to look more and more like Mary's hair as little meshes slipped out here and there (which made it more realistic).

I went all out on props for this costume because I'll be able to reuse them for Mary/Maria and when my friend Val cosplays James with me in the future. I made all 4 rebirth ending items, the fish key, the letter to Laura, the letter to James, the videotape, a pill bottle using the actual skin from the game, and I borrowed an old horse shoe from my mom :D

More on the props--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I dunno which my favorite rebirth item is, but the goblet was definitely the most work. I had to build up the base to match the reference picture I used. Unlike the reference shots I had of the white chrism and two books, the only picture I had to go off of was the inventory picture and the game skin (which was VERY small!). The inventory pic was very small as well, but I was able to see the shape of the goblet using this (which was my reference for how much further up to extend the cup as well as how much clay to build up the handle/base with). The game model rip was perfect for figuring out the actual fancy shmancy design on the top of the chalice, as well as the serpent which is more detailed than I'd realized (with lots of squinting of course hehe). The serpent is indeed supposed to be an oxidized copper color with a golden rattler if you check the game file, even though the inventory makes the whole thing look obsidian. I love discovering stuff like that :3!

For the two books I used a combo of the game textures (which again were really tiny) as well as the bigger (but still not very big) background images of the books to determine where the water damage should be. Since I didn't have a big enough picture of the Crimson Ceremony, I simply added text from the actual book since I couldn't read the part under the title or at the bottom of the book for the life of me.
Both books are repainted, and actually different dimensions, because (as SH fans know and love) this series is incredibly realistic and accurate about the items they put in the games. The Lost Memory book is a bit longer than the Crimson Ceremony book, which mimics "standard" hardbound book sizes (which I discovered when buying the bases to paint!) I didn't even know about these two standard sizes, but it just made me smile...
I applied layer upon layer of white paint to the Crimson Ceremony book before painting it red to mimic the rough looking texture that it has. CC was definitely harder to get authentic looking than LM was...I really tried to make the lighter and darker parts on each book not look deliberate because it would defeat the point of the books looking water damaged and not look very authentic. It took a lot of painting with old brushes and sponging/dabbing but it somehow came out in the end.

The white chrism was the only "easy" part, considering that driving around to different Michaels desperately hoping to find a similarly shaped bottle was pretty nerve wracking (but so rewarding) in the end ;) Anywho the prop was made out of a bought bottle in a similar shape (though I hope to find a more accurate one some day) and salt was put inside. I do realize that the liquid is supposed to be white oil, but a liquid would leave residue lines on the bottle so I decided against it. The label is of course the exact one from the game.

This one was really just made for the hell of it because I absolutely love fish (I keep many separate aquariums so I couldn't help make it). The key fob is made of model magic and painted fairly similarly to the in game model (aside from the fact that I am awful at making metal look authentic that is!). The key itself is also made of model magic and affixed to the fob via a bead-chain, just as it is in the game.

The horseshoe is-sadly-not very accurate to the game one at all :( As anyone who has had horses will tell you, different types use different shoes...draft horses have bigger ones, and of course ponies have smaller ones! Thing is, team silent did make the game model a bit too long vertically and not round enough overall, so it either isn't supposed to be a real horse-shoe or somebody stretched it a bit too much. My shoe is a standard one complete with toe clips that my mom found out in a pasture once.

Printed from the game files of course, and put in any old frame I could find at my house (oddly enough the real picture that goes in there is of my mom riding a horse, go figure!). I figured out later that the picture in Mary's room actually has a brown wooden frame too, so it somehow worked out in the end.

Took an old videotape, my boyfriend removed the sticky labels and then I simply wrote "Silent hill" as close to the game file's font as I could get.

The letter to Laura just seemed kind of funny to include because of the fact it actually has Bon Jovi lyrics (or pretty darn close to it as I found out from typing it up). I typed it up in the closest font I could find in word, printed it out and folded it. For the James letter, the game file/inventory picture don't really make much sense because Mary's letter to James is a different number of lines than those files make it look I just improvised and only included part of her letter, and then folded the paper like the game file. The envelope was made by hand to fit the letter.
All props were done over a 2 day period with lotttts of paint coats.

I had some old clindamycin lying around from a course of antibiotics that I didn't take all of the doses of. I removed the pill label, printed out the white claudia pill label from the game files (which was some how bigger than the rest of them luckily for me) and affixed it. I painted the top of the bottle white and I was good to go! I guess Maria was popping white claudia pills, because this must be the game model for the pills you find in the room where she disappears from.

Overall it was very fun/easy to make and it has made me even more stoked to finish my Maria since I have all these random props to get more shots of.

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