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Armoured Form

Mummies Alive!

Last Updated: 08-31-2010

"A little boy named Presley found a secret out this year; that he was once a Pharaoh when Egyptians ruled the world. Now some sorcerer named Scarab tries to get him day and night, but Presley has four guardians to protect his very life." - Mummies Alive, opening theme.
Nefertina; The female member of the mummies that protected Presley. Formerly a charioteer back in ancient times, she adapted best to this new time, and can inexplicably drive cars, motorcycles, and other horseless chariots without much effort at all.
This was the 90s people. This is how we did things back then.

Well, out of the few cosplays I've made at this point, this one was by far the hardest. In turn though, I think it was the most satisfying. I took this on as a challenge; I've had little experience actually sewing things and whatnot but I told myself if I broke down each piece systematically, and analysed it with the STRENGTH OF RA, then, hey! Why not? And you know what? I did it. It's not perfect, but I did it. And despite the fact it is BOILING HOT wearing this, I felt that I looked pretty good in it. Plus, it was hilarious having people coming up to me, with faces straining in agony TRYING. TO. REMEMBER. THE. SHOW. When I told them, the relief on their faces was priceless, and often got a: "You're awesome!" out of it. That made me happy. ^_^

Now, for construction details. The problem with Nefer is that she is grey. Ergo, I needed to be grey. So, the "bodysuit" is constructed from 2 pairs of Thunder Grey nylons, and a skirt tube thingie that's suppose to be worn on the hips, when you wear leggings. I wore it on my torso. I basically slit the guesset on one of the nylons, and pulled it over my head. The whole bodysuit on its own, is rather amusing looking. The black bra like shirt is.... a black sports bra.

The vanbrances and greaves were both made by making a inner core of craft foam, using patterns I found in tutorials around the internet, I wanted this inner core, because I wanted to prevent the armour from slouching down and wrinkling. I then copied the shapes in two layers of red leatherlook vinyl, blind stitched them together, and inserted the foam inside, before stitching them closed. The gold accent cuffs are once again foam, wrapped in gold vinyl and attached to the red using furniture rivets, making them all look like they were studded metal cuffs. The amulet squares were made of Super Sculptie, and were engraved with common patterns seen in Egyptian art. The hieroglyphs in the centre actually spell out my own name. These square were carved by my best friend, and then painted and sealed by me. They are actually krazy glued on. I intended to glue and then reinforce them using stitching through some "button holes" we poked into the clay, but the glue held VERY well, I didn't need too. The armour is all grommeted at the back and laced up by red elastic.

The torque around my neck, was also constructed by my friend, also out of sculptie, and individually linked together so they would be able to move as I did. There is a counterweight pendant hanging from my back that designed to help distribute the weight a little better, but in the end it was more for decoration, as the back of the bra help to take most of the strain off my shoulders.

The shoulder armour is made by casting my shoulders in two layers of plaster roll, and then sealing and strengthening with polyfila (a wall filling compound. It's Godly.) Once sealed they painted up easily, and then lacquered to get a nice shine. They attach to my shoulder by Velcro, hooks glued to the underside of the armour, to the loops on little straps stitched to the straps of the bra.

The claws on my hands and feet were also made of Sculptie, and then drilled with a fine drill bit to create a hole through the centre. Hardware screws were poked through the fingertips of the nitrile work gloves, and bedroom slippers in the appropriate spots, before inserting them into the claws and screwing them until flush to the material.

The skirt was made of cotton that had a pre-pleated like pattern, and lined with nylon lining to prevent it from sticking to the bodysuit. I made the pattern myself, using complex mathematically equations and lots of brown packaging paper. It was hemmed with gold vinyl, and attached to the belt using double sided carpet tape. The belt itself is nothing more than bristle board, gold vinyl and more tape. It's velcro'd closed. The buckle is made of sculptie, but this time there is copper wire in the middle of the clay since it's on a great pressure point on the stomach, and I didn't want it to crack. The two colours of vinyl are threaded through the slots in the clay. Velcro attaches the belt to the buckle.

The headdress....was annoying. The base of it is actually a gokarting racing balaclava. All the gold- red-panther mask pieces are velcro'd to it, but I can get my head into it without removing them. I made the triangular red-gold flaps with a foam base, stitching on by hand stripes of fabric to get that pattern. Separately, I made the gold headcloth by.... experimentally sacrificing a god awful floral tablecoth to get the pattern. It's about 5 separate panels. The headcloth and flaps were then overstitched by hand together, then the flaps velcro'd to the balaclava. The panther mask is a modified panther mask I purchased from Rubie's costumes. I trimmed the shape to make resemble Nefer's and added the fangs to the lower edge. The inside of the mask is bulked out from my face using a few squares of foam. I did this because....I'm actually wearing glasses underneath it. I designed it so that I could comfortably wear glasses and not have to deal with contacts which I find awkward. Fortunately, the panther mask on Nefer's costume does stick out a bit, so it actually helped my design. The black pentagon shape is glue to the mask itself, and has Velcro on the upper edge to stick it to the headcloth, sealing all three pieces of the headdress together into one piece. The eyes of the mask are blocked out using a shiny polyester materials, but it's one of the materials that when you look out if it, right close to your eyes it's transparent. My vision isn't 100%, but depending on the lighting, I can see fairly well. No peripheral vision though.

Finally the gauze bandages were just that. A beige coloured cotton gauze material was ripped into about 4 inch wide strips and wrapped around me using a combination of double sided tape, and a few safety pins. The small area of my face exposed to the world is painted using Mehron Monster grey cream stick makeup, and then sealed with Ben Nye colourless sealing powder.

All in all....not a bad job. Special thanks to my mom and dad, for putting up with this madness over the last two months, as well as donating ideas, some stitches, extra hands, and a head here and there. Thanks also goes to my best friend for her awesome jewellery work as well as her plastering skills. One cannot plaster her own shoulders.

The Add up: 2.5 Months of work. Approximately $200 in supplies
The Result: One awesome costume.
The Bonus: Awarded "Best Re-Creation, Workmanship in the Novice Division" FanExpo 2010



Best Re-Creation in Workmanship, Novice Division - Fan Expo 2010

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