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This particular project has to be taken with a grain of salt. I had only 3 weeks for this costume. 2 weeks to shop for supplies and 1 week for construction. The first week of supply shopping was during the construction of the Bad Girl commission. So my time was EXTREMELY limited. This also restricted me from buying supplies online and I was reduced to what I could find in stores the few days I was able to run around. Needless to say, I had to make a lot of compromises.

Despite the issues with supplies and time, I'm very happy with the turnout of this costume. It only makes me confident that if I did it again, perhaps for myself, within a larger span of time and budget, it would be perfect!

To start with, I didn't use any patterns for this costume. I also had to skip any parts of the costume with a fade effect. There was no way I was going to have time to experiment with gradient dying. I measured out sections for the skirt wrap, increasing the length of each one and then gathering both ends. Added cuts of linen for the trim and whipped up a quick waistband. I couldn't get my hands on tassels of any kind so I tied off the ends with small bundles of embroidery thread. This honestly was the easiest part.

The belts were made from 2 that I bought, butchered into sections, and riveted back together around D-rings. Ironically, I had 2 round buckles with turquoise detail sitting in a box for years for when I rebuilt my Raven cloak and just never did. The pouch I made from scratch and just kinda winged it, with canvas and the fringe cut individually from a spool of suede cord.

The armbands are made from a yellow canvas. The lacing is elastic so they're easy to just slip on without untying.

The bracelet is a strip made up of two layers of black vinyl with the section design sewn in. There is velcro to attach in two spots as it's wrapped around the wrist.

The beads were all carefully picked to be as close as possible and hand painted....a pain since something of them were really resisting the paint. A lot of coats were involved. I couldn't paint the exact details, but did the best I could with the time I had. I strung it all together with embroidery thread as the tassel and glued the top bead to a post earring. It's rather lightweight.

I had a lot of fun making the hair extension. I started off with a clear hollow plumbers piping. It's a rather soft and lightweight pipe, so moves rather easily. I wrapped the ribbon around it, gluing it down with hot glue every few wraps to secure it. I had bought a gorgeous hair extension that was fantastic. The hair itself was about 10 inches long, but the width of the extension was great! I was able to wrap it around the pipe several times, giving the ponytail and nice full look! I sewed together a quick tube of white linen and tied a suede cord around it, with a little dot of hot glue for security.

The shirt gave me a really hard time. For some reason I was having trouble integrating the fitted shape with the plunging neckline and the gathered top edge. It took loads of fiddling and even a complete start over, but I finally landed it. I didn't have the exact lace on hand, but had two different white laces, one of which I dyed pink. I also cut the sections to have at least the closet pattern/edges as possible. I happen to have the yellow cord/rope on hand. I attached some light cord across the chest and up through eyelets in the simple hood I put together. Taking a cue from another cosplayer, I made the Jeckt symbol out of vinyl glued onto a backing of light weigh craft foam.

I was really worried about the guns. For a lot of years in NY ANY toy gun was illegal. I was panicking over the thought of having to build them from scratch. I decided, what the hell, and wandered into the all year round Halloween store in Manhattan (Halloween Adventure). This was a Halloween commission so I figured if I was going to have any luck, the time would be now while the store would have the most stock. To my surprise, there were TONS of guns to choose from, my best guess that NY finally eased up a little. I picked out a pair of pistols which I painted and used detailed craft foam to decorate. Another small sacrifice to the design was the curved piece that connected the spokes in the back. Just didn't have the time or supplies to figure that one out.

For a costume that I put together in a week, while working 2 jobs (6 days a week, over 40 hours), I am rather proud of it and hope I have the opportunity to tackle it again.

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