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Craftsmanship-wise, this has gotta be one of my worst costumes. I still think it came out pretty, even with its topstitched hems and unfinished seams. I'm still proud of it. It's the first cosplay I've done of an original design, and people really liked it :)

Still not finished. What remains:
- Obi. I'm wearing my Kusuri-uri obi in photos, because I was too exhausted to mess around with the gold brocade fukuro obi I had intended to wear with it.
- Extensions + hair ornaments. There's supposed to be long dangly bits of hair in front of my ears, with gold hair ornaments to tie in with my (also unfinished) gold obi. Caulk didn't dry in time :<
- Tsumugari sword. Still in painting stages, and need to finish the clouds.
- Accessory items. I want a Strand of Beads and a Fan Menu XD I bought a big calligraphy brush and painted a gourd up to be a Golden Inkpot, but didn't have time to work out how to wear them.
- Fix my feet. Add realistic paw-pads, claws, fix the zippers.
- Flames for reflector.

On to the actual costume!

KIMONO: My first design idea was a juni-hitoe, with the colors of the robes coordinated to the brush powers, and the uwagi in white with Amaterasu's flame markings on it. Then I realized several things: Heian court clothing is frumpy as hell, and those colors don't look nice together. OH WELL. Plan B: reduce number of layers and wear them tucked into hakama for combat-worthiness. The outer layer stayed white with red markings (Jacquard textile paints, they rock!) Inner layers are a traditional color combination, light/dark pink and light/dark green, which I think suits the floral motif of the game.
The inner cuffs and collars are just bands of fabric sewn onto one layer of cotton juban; comfort over accuracy in this case :P They were dyed with RIT to get the colors I was after, and I also saved some money/yardage by buying a crapload of white cotton instead of trying to pick/chose/match at the fabric store. The juban is lined in red polyester I had lying around after a failed attempt at an Ansem coat.

HAKAMA: They're my boyfriend's. I can't do pleats. I mean I know *how* to do pleats, they just tend to come out *badly* the first four or five attempts. So yeah. Store-bought.

SHOULDER SWIRLS: 1" upholstry foam base with the spirals sculpted on with strips of more foam. The fur is hot-glued on. The grain of the fur following the spirals, courtesy of a bazillion darts. Black was added using Sharpie. They're hotglued onto some impromptu craft-foam shoulderpads, which are sewn onto the juban.

TAIL: Same deal as the shoulder swirls. The tip is black fur, with Sharpie added to transition the colors.

FEET: Oh man the feet are the BEST PART 8D They were totally worth the intense awkwardness of going to a sex shop to buy something for a cosplay (normal shoe stores tend to not carry 7" platform heels). Ahem. Anyways. 7" platform heel with the heel sawn off, toes added in foam. Doesn't show in any photos, I think, but they have Ammy's ankle swirlies on them. Easy to walk around in, but hard to stand still in. Also, if you do this, take anti-inflammatories first and wear padded insoles. After five hours the balls of your feet will be really stiff and painful.

EARS: Fur over craft foam, hot-glued onto a headband. Threaded the ends of the headband down between the weft of my wig, so it only shows in the gap between my ears.

REFLECTOR: insulation foam + paper mache + paperclay detailing. Tried to paint it to look like weathered bronze, instead of just solid green, so dark green drybrushed with gold. Need to make flames.

ROSARY: insulation foam + paperclay. They're not terribly accurate, but I don't care; I couldn't get the blue designs on each magatama to look right. The spacer beads are blue in an attempt to preserve the original color scheme.

Makeup: Ben Nye + setting powder (aka talcum powder) for the red markings.

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