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From the first moment I saw Rikku I fell in love with the character and knew I had to cosplay her. She is so much like me. Unfortunetly I had some issues with the costume so, while I did manage to get it mostly done, there are still alot of things I need to fix. I have discovered that this may be my only Final Fantasy costume for awhile for one reason. The details!!! OMG! For someone who is very detail oriented like myself this costume was like crack. Couldn't stop obssesing over the details and at the same time begging myself to find a happy medium. I am still very happy with how it turned out and hope to find time to make it even better.

The hair is my own and considering it is waist length, I think I did a fairly good job. I added a hair peice for volume and tried my best to get it to match my hair. It looks a lot better than it would have if I hadn't dyed my roots. The barrets are something I was lucky enough to find and no matter how hard I tried, I still got them on the wrong side of my head. *sigh*

The silver studs were an awsome find and I try very hard not to wear them any other time for fear of loosing them.

The top was a labor of love and still a work in progress. Needles to say I keept finding stuff I had forgotten and alot of this was finished last minute in the hotel room. '^_^ The top is made from a burnt orange leather. I was kinda weary of the leather but knew the accuracy would eat me up if I didn't use it. It acctually wasn't as hot as I had thought. I did put a white, satiny tank top on underneath to help keep it from sticking to me. The darts, shoulder seams and side seams are double sewn to lay flat and give to look of the artist rendering. The coller was a complete dissaster from the start. We couldn't get it to gather properly, then we couldn't sew it on, and then I ran out of the right glue and used nail glue to put it on. I got the edge of it to close to the edge of the tank top which made it too tall. I also had no time to sew the pearls on and glued them on. (do not ever do this. They will NOT stay put) Pearls were my free gift to the con that day. The buckle closures on the side seams were black leather straps attatched with silver duct tape and threaded through parachute buckles. I used paint to make the buckle design on them because I couldn't find small enough buckles. The blue tassles were kinda fun to make. They are trimed with white ribbon and the daisy design is done in fabric paint. I ran out of time to make the accurate attatchment to the top for them so, I just used silever duct tape and made it look sorta round. They didn't fall off once. The hem line is near accurate and I was really happy with how the top came together, despite the coller.

The goggles are swim goggles I found and painted solid black and red. They looked really good too.

The green arm bands are very simple. Just green material that is hand sewn with black leather straps. I used rivits for the closures so they would look like snaps. The straps are glued to the green material.

The black elbow cuff is a stretch material I sewed by hand and sadly lost at con. Fortunetly someone was nice enough to turn it into o.p.s. and I was able to get it back. ^_^

The tan glove was the first one I had ever made. Aside from it being a bit too small at the end, it turned out nice. I used black material for the strips. The black glove didn't make it. The pattern we had sucked so, we just decided to scrap it.

The Godhand claw is made of pink insulation foam and Mod Podged before being painted, then Mod Podged again. Rather than use leather which would be a pain to find in those colors and even harder to find in small incriments, I used duct tape. It worked wonderfully! I added some black elastic to keep it on my arm and I am very happy with how it turned out.

The shorts were also my first time. Considering we had to shape them a few times and add a waist band to snug them to my waist, they turned out quite nice. I was able to find a white trim that had some gather to it without being too fancy.

The belt I found at a store, for cheep, and painted orange and yellow. I also used rivits to make it look like the picture.

The feathers were white feathers and white marabou I dyed yellow and orange. I glued the two together and added them to my braids. I forgot to put the ones on my socks and didn't remember untill the day after. Oh well.

The lattice work pouch strap was a last minute miracle. I didn't manage to get the pouch but the other came together nicely and I figured people would forgive me for lack of pouch.

The socks and shoes are seperate. I wasn't thrilled with the versions I had seen of them being all one. I had to add a tounge to the shoes, something I had never done before. The socks are trimed with black canvas material and green cotton material. They are all hand sewn and I do plan on sewing them all to the socks at some point. I didn't manage to get the buckles on them but will soon.

I think to say I bit off more than I could chew would be the understatment of the year. However, I am very pleased with the results I did get and look forward to finishing it and having another fun photshoot with Rikku. :D

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