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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Last Updated: 05-02-2011

Yay! My Second Aerith Costume!! Finished an hour before the con! Fun Fun! LOl :) It was mostly minor details that no one would've noticed anyway but i wanted to fix em,.. Ha ha.. Wore this to the second annual Bak-Anime with a huge clan of Final Final VII Cosplayers and had a blast!!

*Ok.. So before you ask.. Cloud has green hair because he didn't bleach it in fear his hair might fall out.. So, in spite of my protest, they sprayed it with yellow hairspraypaint and, of course, the yellow clashed with his dark hair and turned it green.. So there you have it.. (I tried to warn him! Lol)

How It Was Made:

I found this long sleeved collared shirt at the Salvation Army for only $3 and it had the perfect material for Aerith's jacket.. So i got it and since it was 3 sizes to large for me, I took it and completely arranged it took look more like hers.. No, I didn't just cut it down cause the top part of the material looked horrible.. so i cut out my own pattern fron the bottom half and Voila! Looks just like Aerith's with a few minor details i'll soon touch up..

Jacket Buttons and Belts:
Buttons were bought at Hancocks which were meant for my Serah Farron outfit, but I couldn't find the ones i needed in time so i just used these for now..

I used opened brown invisible zippers for the belts on the sleeves cause i didn't have the money or the time to get actual leather belts.. But I'll fix that soon as well..

Made with 3 layers of material which was bought at Hancocks for only $2.99 a yard! I Love major sales!! ^.^The outside layer is a light pink Ryon, a tropical pink ryon for the inside layer, and the middle layer in some sort of pink stretch polyester left over from my Kairi outfit.. I made my own pattern and cut out the pieces.. Then i sewed the first 2 layers together and the third seperately.. I turned the third insideout to keep the seams hidden and sewed the 2 sections together and added a zipper in the back for easy access..

The trim was made by me from the same tropical pink ryon material i had leftover (saving me some money)! I blind stiched it onto the dress so it would look more clean like Aerith's dress..

Bought at Hancocks, I sewed them onto the dress then blind stiched the opening of the dress down so it wouldn't acciddentally open up when at the con cause that wouldn't be good!!! Lol.. But that's why i added a zipper..

Bought at Sears for 15 a while back for winter to keep my feets warm in my house! Ha ha.. I couldn't find brown boots which i was greatly upset about!! I tried looking but everything i'd find was either to big/small or it was WAY out of my price range!! I'm still looking for some so when i do i'll take some pics with the proper shoes!!!

Brought over from my Crisis Core outfit.. I forgot about taking out the "extra" part so that i would have the Advent Children version of her bow rather than the Crisis Core version but whatever..

I found the perfect silver belt in the dollar bin at Target for, (oviously) $1, and it instanly reminded me of Aerith's bracelets.. So i got it and cut it up into 4 pieces because unfortunately i didn't have enough for the 3 layer and i stabled the ends together (for now) til i get a leather needle for my machine.. It looks good though!! Lol.. I plan on going back to Target for another belt so i can add the third layer..

Found some sort of a thin black rope lying around the house that i grabbed and was like hey this works!

Made by me which is secretly a purse! I plan on remaking it later..

So in total, this whole outfit cost me less than $20! I don't count the shoes cause they weren't specifically bought for this outfit.. Pretty good deal if you ask me!


Favorite Part : The Bow!!! :) It's so much fun to wear and I just love it!!!

Least Favorite Part : The hairstyle! >.< I can tell you I'm definately not a big fan of doing Aerith's hairstyle! Mostly cause it's so hard to keep my hair in that perfect little twist she has and styling the bangs can be a pain! However it looks rather cute on her!

Easiest Part : The Necklace! :P

Hardest Part : The Jacket! For some unusual reason my machine kept sucking the material in the opposite direction i wanted it to go so i kept having to take it out and redo it! Blasted thing..

Most Expensive Part: The shoes

Least Expensive Part : The Bracelets which were only $1 and the string for the necklace which was $0

Most Fun Part To Wear : The Bow! LOl ^.^

Least Fun Part To Wear : I really don't think this one had a least fun part besides the hair.. I actually enjoyed wearing this outfit.. It made me feel so elegant..

Unusual Attributes : Well right now i only had an opened brown invisible zipper for the belts on the sleeves cause i didn't have the money or the time to get actual leather belts.. But you can't tell that they're zippers can you!! ^.^

Unique Attributes : Like in my Crisis Core outfit, my dress has no pockets and I hate carring purses! So again i used my Aerith flower basket, which I turned into a purse! I made the basket myself and sewed flowers to the top cover which hides what's underneath, but can be removed so i can put my stuff inside!!!

I plan on adding more details to this outfit later on to make it more accurate but for now It'll do! :) Hope you like it!! :D

*Thank You God for giving me the ability to do this costume! And Thank You for giving me the drive, focus, creativity, patience and strength needed to finish it! my goal IS accomplished! May YOUR glory be shown through my work and may all Praise be to YOU!!!*


Best Craftsmanship At Bak-Anime 2011

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