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Last Updated: 03-14-2011

Debuted at Momocon 2011!

Here's a couple how-tos for how it was put together!

Horns: I bought a black headband along with black spray paint and that colorful foam you used back in elementary school. Using a template found on the internet, I made around 20 copies of the horn using the foam. Then spray-glued them together in sets of 8, with another piece of foam wrapped around the headband and glued in the middle of the 8 pieces. Another double-long copy of the horn was glued around it all to make the headband less obvious. Repeated with horn # 2. Finally spray painted the horns black.

Death Scythe: I knew this was going to be interesting. I bought a thin piece of wood from Home Depot, but the rest of the scythe came from around the house, so the hugest prop I've ever made came from $1.20... Nice. Anyways, my parents had recently bought a new TV, so they had a large cardboard box. I drew (like, five times) 2 copies of the shape of her scythe, the ribbed body part, and the tip onto the cardboard and went at it with a carving knife (good for turkeys, good for cardboard!) to carve it into the precise shape. The TV also had large pieces of Styrofoam holding it in place in the box... The carving knife returned to carve them into small pieces which were positioned strategically in the body of the scythe to support the cardboard. When the parts were ready, I used wood glue to first attach the wooden stick (shortened to 6 feet) and the about 1 foot extra wood inside the blade to give more support, along with some Styrofoam around the edges to help support the cardboard. Once the glue was set, placed the second copy of the pieces on top and glued down again. Once that was dry, I went around the entire thing with packing tape, and in that way tapered the blade to a point. I had tested out my black spray paint on the packing tape before and it had worked nicely, but I ran out halfway through and had to use some-not cheap packing tape. Apparently spray paint will adhere to cheapo packing tape but not the nice stuff. D: So I hand-painted it with black acrylic paint, then went back over that with the glossy black spray paint. After that, went over it by hand with silver acrylic paint for the details on the blade and body.

Gloves: Used the same foam as the horns along with black knit gloves. The foam was measured on my hand then cut into small rectangular shapes and hot glued. The claw parts were triangles wrapped around and also hot glued. They were very simple to make, just took some time to figure out to put newspaper into the fingers and glue rather than burn myself.

Wings: I bought a small amount of green upholstery foam. Originally I tried wrapping them as I had the scythe, but that looked horrible, so I held my breathe and tried spray painting the foam directly. It actually worked wonderfully! There is a piece of wire threaded through the middle to hold it in shape, along with the joints being at angles that were sewn together. Both wings have shish-kabob sticks coming out of them, with small pieces in square hot glued to give it a base, then the wire wraps around the bases to hold them in a line. The back of my dress has a black flap that the wings are placed under then the fabric is safety pinned down to hold them in place.

Dress: I took one pattern for a dress with a large skirt and one pattern for a dress with long sleeves and combined them. Then shortened the skirt and added the black shoulder piece. It was a simple dress to make, but I am very happy with how it turned out so similar to Dead Master's.

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Character Dead Master
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