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This is my fourth cosplay.
MANGA VERSION, thus no slit in the back of the haori!

Costume all made by me, except the black hakama that I bought. Shihakusho recycled from my Ichigo Kurosaki costume. Everything else made by me (including swords) with some help of parents.
SPECIAL THANKS to kimu and Itachiwannabe's cousin Danne.

One day I decided I wanted to cosplay as Jūshirō Ukitake, because I liked him the very first time I saw him in the manga. I also wanted to do his wacky swords.

Actually, I've got a really... interesting... story to tell you all that relates to this cosplay. And before I start, this is 100% true, no lie I swear!
Okey, so when I decided I really wanted to start working on the cosplay I realized we were going to have one weekend soon when Monday would be off, so three days no school. I planned to start working on my Ukitake cosplay this weekend that now was some weeks away. This weekend was in the end of January or beginning of February.
So I waited and waited and on the Friday, the day before this extra long weekend, I had a headache and felt very slow and tired on the morning. But I still went to school.
When school was over I went home to one of my friends who lives near school and when there I started freezing like hell, like shivering the whole time. So when I got home I got fever too and was sick. Oh well, I though at first it was nothing more than a cold, but after five days the fever didn't go away (heck, it became worse if anything) and so we had to go to the doctor. They soon found out I had some defects in my lungs and gave me medicine and sent us home... because I'm scared of hospitals and they gave us the option to continue at home.
Oh well, some days go by and I felt even weaker, I couldn't hardly do as much as get up from the bed without feeling like I'd collapse or something.
So you guess I couldn't work on my cosplay because of that, ooh I was so disappointed.
The week before Kitacon III in Kemi, Finland, that I've been waiting for since forever or something, I had to go to the hospital in Kemi because my condition was that bad. And yes, I missed the con and the con was so close to the hospital that I could have thrown a stone and hit the con center from the hospital's parking place. Damn. (at least my mom went there and bought me stuff like Pockys and a Byakuya Kuchiki plushie. <3 That plush has sentimental value to me now)
So uhm, at the hospital I got room number................. 13. When mom said that (yes, I had to ask mom because I wasn't allowed to leave the room) I would have burst out laughing so bad, but I couldn't since I'd lost my voice and even if I tried to laugh it would have immediately turned into cough attacks, and OH MY GOD THAT HURT SO MUCH. I can't even start to tell you how much it hurt every time I coughed, and I couldn't help it because I did so all the time, 24/7.
I was in the hospital for a week, and the doctors didn't know what the hell I had gotten. They thought it was H1N1 first but the tests were negative. I had to take over five different antibiotics (not everything at once though) because this sickness was immune to almost everything. That was so scary, I actually thought there for a while I was going to die. ;_; Not to mention I had 40+ C° fever all the time going on and off, that was torture.
So at last they gave me this one antibiotic that normally they wouldn't give to people under 18 years, if not last resort, and that one helped. Thanks God.

Now afterwards I got to know what it was, I had MYPM positive, Mycoplasma pneumoniae. There's a 10% risk, I read, that when getting this sickness it evolves into pneumonia and, uuh, I got it. >.< So unlucky...

So uhm, tl;dr - I got a serious lung sickness one day before I was going to start working on my Ukitake cosplay. I got hospital room number 13. Can you see the creepy coincidence? xD

Because of all this I started to love Ukitake even more... I bet I will always have a soft spot him for from now on, hahah. So this cosplay actually means a lot to me, I'm glad I'm alive and now I don't take life for granted. Just because you're young doesn't mean you are immortal or something, I used to think nothing will happen to me yet, god so wrong I was...

Although nowadays I sometimes laugh my ass off the whole thing, what's the odds of that ever happening? xD
Oh well, at least it will be very easy to act in-character for a long time I guess. I don't even need to pretend coughing because I will occasionally do that no matter if I wanted it or not... yes, that's one of the side-effects I still have, along with general craptacular stamina. I can't run or do anything exhausting for more than a few minutes without feeling weak... ugh.


I debuted this cosplay at Uppcon XI. Holy crap how much attention I got, it was crazy! I couldn't walk from place A to place B (however short/long the distance) without at least being stopped for a pic, hug or compliment... or all three. I had so much fun as Ukitake and met lots of great people!
Oh, and yes, I gave out lollipops to people. It was fun! My whole Hitsugaya bag was filled with them, had like 100 in there and all people who saw how much I had were like "Holy crap!" xD


I've cosplayed Ukitake at the following cons:
2011 • Uppcon in Uppsala, Sweden. (shikai)
2011 • Finncon-Animecon in Turku, Finland. (shikai)
2011 • Närcon in Linköping, Sweden. (shikai)
2011 • Tracon in Tampere, Finland. (shikai)
2012 • Desucon FrostBite in Lahti, Finland. (sealed zanpakutō)
2012 • Desucon in Lahti, Finland. (shikai)
2013 • Oulun Animeseminaari in Oulu, Finland. (sealed zanpakutō)

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