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Last Updated: 06-02-2011

Getting the bits and pieces ready for this costume. Still.
Have a mate of mine who was in the military giving me some pointers on gear and digging out some of his old gear that he won't need to let me borrow. He's a top bloke :D
*This Costume Icon is an image of myself in my work uniform as I don't have alot of my costume item atm, but it gives a representation of how I look in a hat. I love my hat :D

I've started the arduous task of compiling a list of all the things I need to create a Jill Valentine BSAA outfit.
I have been on the interwebs getting reference images for her costume - both from the decent game pics I could find and a plethora of really handy photos of her very detailed figurine.

From there I have been searching for the bits and pieces I would be needing to gather and/or make.
The list is as follows:

~1x Plain Navy cap
~1x Tactical Waistbelt. (Which I have as part of my work uniform)
~1x Drop Leg Gun Holster [Right Leg, some hard case holsters are only suited to one leg, it's an angle thing. A material one would also work fine]
~1x Drop Leg Magazine Pouch
~1x Shoulder Holster [Dual] (Or H-Harness as I have recently been told they are called)
~Aprox 3-4 Small Pouches [Two to go on Shoulder Holster, other/s on belt]
~1x Double Grenade Pouch [A smaller double pouch would also do]
~1x Large Belt Pack [Could be a medipack, canteen pack, etc, would take up a fair portion of the back area]
~1x Misc Carry Pouch [Something you can fit your phone/wallet/doodads in]
~1x Leg Holder/Knife Sheath
+1 FAKE Knife :P
~1x Pair of Gloves [Half finger gloves] (I couldn't find a pair like hers, so I'm going to take some artisitic liberty and get a black pair that I can also use with work, hee hee :P)
~1x Radio [Handheld, in a pocket - may have to make a pocket. Goes on Left Shoulder] (Have one for work)
~1x Earpiece/Headset [LEFT EAR. All the reference pics I have she's got it in her left ear]
~1x White fitted jeans/pants [I assume they're made of some sort of 2-way stretch material - even if it's only a little give- by the way they hug her figure] (Going to attempt sewing some for max bodeh compatibility, unless I can find white jeans in store, doubt it though, lol.)
~1x Blue with Black Mid Sleeve Top. (Will probably have to butcher a top or make from scratch, i'm figuring I'll have to do the latter)
~1x Black undershirt/singlet [Could even use a boob tube. It's just that piece of fabric you see under her Top - heck it could even be a piece of fabric sewn into/as part of the top itself]
~1x Pair of Boots. (Sif you're going to find some like hers, pfft. Military boots for the win! Go go my Smith and Wesson boots!)
~1x Fake Gun. The pistol she carries is a Beretta 92F. There is a modified version they carry in the game, made for S.T.A.R.S members.
If you're not into weapons or replica's of that fashion, you could always modify and old playstation/other game console gun :D
I have and old one that's broken that i'm going to fiddle with ^_^

THAT's all her gear at least.

I'll need to grab myself a brown wig long enough to tie in a reasonable length pony tail, or get brown hair extention that I can tie into my own hair (after dying it. I could get away with having light brown extentions in my own hair, but i'm a dark blonde so that could just look tacky).

*Almost all of these things will be useful post-cosplay for my work uniform when I return to work from maternity leave - More bang for the bucks! :D

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