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Last Updated: 06-27-2011

**Needs updated pictures! xD The costume looks much different now, just so you know. ^^;

Ö Didnít think Iíd cosplay Lightning. Ever. =P Especially her armoured version for Final Fantasy XIII-2! Looks like I have gotten myself into another challenge. XD Iím really trying to learn even more about armor making doing this version of Lightning, itís pretty complex. A different complex from my other armoured stuff that were complicated. Lol!

One of my MAIN GOALS about this cosplay isÖ Keeping it a budget of $58 or under and still making it look good, this will be a REAL challenge in itself. I know $58 is really pushing it for this kind of cosplay.I really try hard to not spend a whole lot of money on this expensive hobby (since I donít work full time) but I still need a fun hobby to do right? 8D

$45.25 (Goal: No more then $58.) **(as of now it looks like I will pass that goal for sure! yes!) :D

$40 Ė new wig
$3 Ė body suit and arm warmer material from an old T- shirt
$ 2 Ė little extra armor material
25 cents for back zipper

The rest of everything else I already had, laying around unused.
The most expensive thing was the wig, of exactly $40 dollars on the mark. Since the cosplay's close to done now I'm more than curtain Lightning won't cost me more than $58. :) Probably not even $52 at this rate. I'll have to buy some more silver paint though as I am running very low on it, so that might cost me $3-$6 depending where I get it from.

I made the body suit from a extra large short sleeved T-shirt. A T-SHIRT!!!! 8D I cut it up for the material and made the main body suit from it AND the arm warmers from the sides of the shirt! XD If it was a long shirt I would have just used itís long sleeves for that, but it didnít have long sleeves lol. So Iím glad I had enough material from the shirt. ^_^ And so I used those short sleeves and used that material for my knees.

The purpleish belts and straps WAS left over brown material that I had kicking around from another cosplay, and I acrylic dyed it (worked real good!) with bright purple paint (that I also I laying around) and ended up getting the exact color I wanted. YAY! ^^

I have made the feather skirt now!!! YAY!! And surprisingly, it's the cheapest thing on the costume. It didn't cost my anything. DON'T LAUGH FOLKS, it's paper. And, it WORKS! :D *shocked* love the look of it, and it has the soft flow I wanted. Of course, I spend hours cutting out the paper and making it feathery like and not paper like. However i am still thinking of mixing in some real feathers in it - just because. Just because because because. XD But then again I'm honestly satisfied how it looks already.

All of the armor stuff is almost done, I just need to make the back plate, and the little bits of armor here and there, it won't take long. :) I'm just glad all the hard stuff is pretty well out of the way! The next challenge will be her.. gunblade thing. But I am going to wait before I make that. I want better pictures first before rushing on that. :)

Iíll keep updating and keeping track here as I progress along. This cosplay is near done, I'm glad I got most of the hard stuff out of the way. And man was it ever hard. So I'm really happy now. :)

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