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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children/ Kingdom Hearts 2

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My cosplay breakdown:

Materials used:
-black cotton fabric (bought at a swap meet.)-
-white cotton fabric (bought at a swap meet.)-
-white acrylic paint w/airbrush-
-white chalk (for drawing outlines)-
-elastic strip bands-
-sewing machine (optional, but its recommended)

What I did:
1: The Shirt - Yuffie's shirt is a camo like shirt but i chose to use a spaghetti strap undershirt instead due to the summer heat. Then i went online and looked up the stencil for Yuffie's flower design on the shirt. I printed it out on watercolor paper (its good paper to use to cut out the pattern if u dont have stencils.) then i gently used an extractor knife and cut the shape out. then i laid it over the shirt and airbrushed it (u can spray paint or hand paint it if u want).

2: The Jacket - i ran out of time to hand make one (plus i dont have a sewing machine) i got a hoodie that was black with no sleeves. (ill probably leave the jacket as it is until i find the right fabric and materials for it.)

3: The Pants - well its store bought. Theyre just short shorts

4: The Socks/Shoes - They were hard to find but i found them. The shoes was a ripoff converse but since they were a size too big i placed paddings in it (stuffing actually doesnt work tht well. After one day at the con, the stuffings condensed, if one doesnt work, use two.) The socks were okay. they were wool school girl socks (found during the winter). i got them during the winter b.c the rest of my cosplay was way too cold so to balance it out i bought wool socks.
*but they are knee high socks so they do slip.
My mom came up with a trick: make a band. using elastic bands cut a strip out according to where u want the band to be placed on ur leg. make sure to leave about 1 in for sewing space. sew it down and viola! wear the sock, pull up the band, and fold the top of the sock over to cover the band.*

5: The Arm Band/Arm Sleeve (remade) - first things first: Measure ur upper arm circumference, thats where the sleeve is going to cling onto make it loose but not tight (dont stop ur blood circulation >,<lll).then measure out the length of ur arm minus 3-5 inches for the white part ( ill explain later). the length of the sleeve covers a little of Yuffie's fingers. make sure u leave about an quart to an inch for sewing. for the width, the end of the sleeve should have enough space if u were to stretch out ur fingers and move them freely. then i drew out the shape of the sleeve on the fabric with chalk. *HERES THE UPDATE THAT I LEARNED THE HARD WAY*: make sure the bottom edges arent like a sharp cut, it needs to curve. i used the tutorial of a leg warmer by taeliac on DA. if u dont get wat im saying, go look it up.)

(FROM HERE I'LL USE TERMS white portions A and B to clear confusions.)

there is a white end on both ends. the 3-5 inches i said earlier was for the white areas. White portion A is from ur elbow line to the back body portion. White portion A should be longer than white portion B. White portion A and B's circumference is measured the exact same way as before for the black portion. white portion B is from the end of the arm sleeve to the tip of however long you'd like it to be. once u cut out the white portion out, heres where the elastic band comes into play. i used a black elastic band and sewed it over the white portion A of the sleeve. then i sewed both of the white portions onto the black one then closed up the black portion.
*i recommend using a sewing machine because during Day 2 of Anime Expo, my arm sleeve stitches came loose, so my friend's mom used a sewing machine to patch it up.*

for the arm band, my dad gave me a cut up arm sleeve that was beige colored, but it was fine. i hand sewed it to be a typical sweatband size.

6: The Pouch - the pouch was a bit tricky but i got around it. The pouch size was about the length of the short shorts and maybe a little more. then sew on some small pouches (doesnt need to be usable.) and done. (<- got lazy writing this one, feel free to PM me for specific breakdowns)

7: The Belt - the belt was a bit tricky. first measure ur waist plus 3 inches for later purposes. for the width i'd say about 5 inches. cut it out then heres the tricky part: sew the strip in 0.5 inches (to prevent pilling) and then connect the belt to the pouch, make sure the pouch is on the side and not in the center. the 3 inches out is for using hooks to hold the pouch up. use two hooks, if ur planning on putting things in the pouch. to measure where, wrap the belt around ur waist, the measure about 2 inches from the center place one there and the next one about 5 inches from there. the belt and pouch together is one piece for me but u can make it into 2.

8: The Headband - i saw many ppl used like about 90ft in their tutorials. i just measured the circumference of my head and added enough room for the band to reach my back and some more for the part that gets tied up. then the outer white part is easy, just measure the same amount for length and about 0.5 inches out.

I think that's it if I'm missing anything or you have questions please PM me or email me at: hinata_hyuuga909 @ hotmail.com (for spam purposes delete the space before and after the @ sign. and in the subject somewhere put cosplay help or questions so i can organize what is going on.)

If you still dont understand my tutorials. PM me about make visual/video tutorials I would be happy to make some to share with others.

I also accept commissions for THIS COSPLAY ONLY and only: the arm warmer, undershirt, and headband.

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