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Final Fantasy VIII

Last Updated: 11-29-2011

So I just found out that my friends are kidnapping me and taking me to Anime Expo for a day! YAY! Don't you love friends? Now, because of this exciting news, I decided I'm gonna cosplay as Rinoa! ^.^ Teehee.. I Love this game! Reason I choose her is cause I needed something simple I can quickly put together, seeing how I only have a month to do this in and I really didn't want to do Aerith for the fourth time in a row.. However, I have her as a backup if I don't accomplish my goal.. Let's pray that I do! Wish me Luck!

HOORAY! I got my material for Rinoa's duster! It's not perfect but it'll do for now...

Ordered my wig.. Let's pray it comes in on time!!!

Skirt - Done!
Pants - Done!
Duster - Done!
Arm Warmers - Done!
Shirt - Already had!
Shoes - Inappropriate -.-
Necklace - Check!
Ribbon - Check!
FINISHED!!! And in the nic of time too! ;) Now if only I had a Squall to go with me.. Oh well! Anime Expo here I come!

OH MAH GAH!!! Anime Expo was so Epic! I had so much fun! :D I'll give more detail on this costume later but for now, I sleep!

How it was made:

Bought the fabric at Hancock Fabrics and its a polyester/cotton knit (I believe).. It's not the proper type of knit for Rinoa's but it was the closest thing I could find.. I made my duster in 2 layers.. I first took the inside layer and cut it into a rectangular shape at the right length/width, measured out where my arms would be and cut 2 slits at the top just long enough for my arms.. Pinning the top edges together (as to create a jacket) I began hemming from there... It was already close to how I wanted it, so all I really needed to do was add a seam in the back (from the neckline to lowerback) then curve out the edge of my duster where the sleeves would be (If they had any :P)

Then I took the second (outside) layer and layed it flat on the floor, then layed my first layer over that.. I used that as a pattern for the second layer and cut it out.. I sewed the 2 layers together then "folded over" the part where I had sewn the pieces together and sewed them down like a seam.. (I was gonna put a trim on it but i could find anything to match the colour, so I just left it for now) .. The reason I have 2 layers is because - 1. my particular fabric was a little thinner than what I was wanting, and 2. Is because I figured that by sewing the 2 layers I could formfit it more easily.. Which was the purpose of the back seam.. By putting it there is helped pull my duster snug against my body just like Rinoa's ^.^

Before sewing the 2 layers together, I painted on the pattern, which I got offline, and waited for it to dry so the paint wouldn't show through the second layer..

The feather wings weren't made by me.. I bought them at AX for $10! ^.^ Aren't they cute?

I didn't quite know what type of material to use for this, but I know many girls use denim and I had some hidden in the bottom of my box so I figured, Why not use it?
Arm warmers:
Measured out my forearm from just below my wrist to just below my elbow, then doubled that in length. For width, I measured around below my elbow.. (You can mearsure your wrist as well to make a more formfitted one but I didn't have enough time) .. After I had my pieces cut out, I sewed the seam in length to create one long tube, then I folded it in have (so there's no seam on one end) .. I sewed the 2 ends together, folded that same seam over a small thing of elastic to help keep em up, then blind stitched that seam to the inside of the arm warmers - giving the illusion there's no seam - and Voila! My pretty arm warmers!

Bought at SWC.. Ha.. I didn't have anything else that would work for her shoes, and once again I was out the proper shoes >.<

A random chain and pair of rings I had..

Borrowed my Aerith necklace cause I couldn't find anything else in time!

Bought off ebay for $15! :P


Favorite Part : The Wings!!! They're just so downright cute! ^.^ Though I saddens me that I didn't make these myself, I'm still glad I found em!

Least Favorite Part : Hmm.. I don't think I have a least favorite part to this outfit.. The only this I was annoyed with it that my wig would get tangled easily...

Easiest Part : The ribbon and necklace! :P

Hardest Part : The duster

Most Expensive Part: The wig

Least Expensive Part : The ribbon! :p

Most Fun Part To Wear : The Wings! ^.^ Teehee

Least Fun Part To Wear : The wig.. It was actually fine for the most part, But I just prefer letting my own hair down..

Unusual Attributes : Well the actual painted wings turned out horrible and somehow look like feet >.< .. Even though I took the exact design from the game.. Maybe its just that I'm so tiny.. Luckily I found my cute lil wings to cover em!

Unique Attributes : The front of my skirt has a small pocket on the inside so i can hold my phone in, which you can see in some of the pictures! :p

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