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Vocaloid 2

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Len kagamine-Vocaloid 2

Needless to say i have had 3 different wigs for him and the final one worked out the best i think ^^"
[there is no record of the other wigs, they were not worthy of the awesomeness XD]

Whole Cosplay is made by yours truely ME Mwahaha XD lol jk, but i did make this on my own officially :D

Uhm i just winged it, i had to make it before kollisioncon and my old one looked all bad and stuff ^^" sailor collars dont like me one bit XD, that was my biggest problem with the shirt was the collar XD
I scrapped the white fabric from the leftovers to my meltdown[miku] outfit and i think i intentionally bought the black ^^" some cotton polyester type, im never sure i just like the texture ^^"
They hardly cover my butt ^^" something happened and they got messed up XD lol idk how but i think it was because i double the fabric XD lol but it works if im wearing black shorts under ^^"[i wanna get banana boxers >:D] Patterns dont like me ^^"
_Leg Warmers_
Same Fabric and the shorts [well go figure ">.> only makes sense]
i Just kinda winged it with them, that and the arm warmers to, but theres elastic that i only stitched in the back[because i think it looks odd with it all round ^^"]
Yellow little circles for the legwarmers [i think thats a project diva thingy ^^"] and ironed those on.
and bordered the top with wide yellow ribbon.
_Arm Warmers_
Same think with the leg warmers, winged it, border the top with skinny yellow ribbon, and the bottom with wide ribbon.
Elastic within it, stitched so that it is facing the inside of my arm when my arms are straight.
the keyboard is iron-on transfer paper[for dark t-shirts]
i drew the design myself, tho it doesnt seem to match rin/len, more miku-ish but i like it >:D
Yellow fabric, i need to make my tie a little longer tho ^^"
i was given random plain white gym shoes [yush XD]
and used sharpie around the bottom XD [this is only a recent update to the costume ^^"]
Gah what a pain theres were XD
~Made with~
Foam Sheets-different thickness
Cloud clay-white
Foam core
Random Mic
yellow paper
ear-bud headphones
YES THEY ACTUALLY WORK AS MP3 PLAYERS, tho people around you will probably hear ^^" lol but yeah originally these were just props but i decide to cut them open open and hot glue a pair of old earbuds into it ^^" i used the ear-buds that have those grippy things on it so that it was be hidden, [tho i only used those because i lost the grips XD lol not very pleasant w/o them ^^"] the cord for them sits inside the left headphone, and you pull the cord out and you plug your ipod in and POOF music XD lol, but then it takes a while to put the cord back in[mostly just shoving it back in there XD]. actually i think could clay is the same as model magic i think? im not sure but i like cloud clay because it easy and drys in a day XD. tho it has to be smoothed and then placed onto the headphone base because it'll look bleh otherwise XO, and i just glued the yellow paper on ^^". the microphone i just ripped off a random old pair that i wouldn't think i could use.
Well the story about my whole len wig snafu is that i had bought a pre-styled wig that was supposed to stick up and already look like him and blah, when it came, it was toooo Long, and not right and i was mad, so i decided to cut it myself. and it ended up turning out like crap , so im like "akdjfaskdjfkasjdfklajs" so after a while, i ended up getting to a 'decent' look [nahh ^^"], during my trip to kollisioncon, i went to fye and found a generic naruto wig, that was all puffy so i used that for a while. then when christmas came along i got another blond wig that was already short and i styled it for my magnet cosplay and decided that i'd use to for every len thing i had ^^" after a while i actually restyled the 'magnet len wig' a 2nd time, to give it more detail, and to make it look fancy. XD
my aunt gave me a pair that she wasn't going to wear [THEY WERE NEVER USED ^^"]
well i edited some pictures together in photoshop
and used a vocaloid font, then glued it some blank crappy CD XD

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Character Len Kagamine
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