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There’s been a two year gap between me making costumes and me writing profiles for my costumes, oops! I’m hoping to play catch up, starting with where I left off – Mouse from ReBoot. This is her outfit from the first two seasons; I am currently working on her outfit from seasons 3 and 4. I started with this one because it was much simpler, and I wasn’t ready to tackle armor (I’m still not, which is why I’ve been stalled on 3/4 Mouse). Let’s see what I can remember!

A lot of this was… really pretty simple. The pants were made from a nice shiny spandex material, the pattern made from a pair of leggings I had. The boots came from a store with silver foamie glued in a rectangle on top. I sewed a sheathe for the katana from some auto vinyl and both sewed and glued it to the side of the left boot. The katana was just a wooden wakizashi I had, painted to the right color. I still want to learn to make an extendable one. The belt was also made from auto vinyl, cut at angles so that when it joined at the front with Velcro, it made that dipped angle in the front. The icon is an old anime button with a foamie concoction that I was actually really proud of. The bullets are old receipt cores with Model Magic on top and painted gold and need replacing like whoa.

Moving up just a bit, the shirt started out as a sleeveless top, made from a prom dress pattern. It’s a nice, solid satin and I’m fond of it because even though it should be a stretch material… this is much kinder on my belly. The black is a wide binding stitched to the top. The “sleeves” are the same, and, in a bit of oversight on our part, snapped on because we weren’t sure I could maneuver it on. I can, and they had an awful habit of unsnapping, so I plan to stitch them in next time I wear it out. The bracers are, you guessed it, auto vinyl (I love that stuff a bit too much), with a bracer pattern I have saved and used a million times since. They are held closed by Velcro, and the “metal backing” and silver straps are both made from foamie. There is a definite theme of foamies and auto vinyl in this costume… Sometimes I remembered my black straps, which were the same vinyl as the bracers and just slipped up my arm.

And, if you were reading this at all, what you were probably waiting for… the wig. I am so proud of the wig, but I have already moved on to version 2.0 for my new costume. I built it from the base up, with the base beginning as saran wrap wrapped around my head and secured with packing tape. Once I had a basic shape, I just added more packing tape to make it more solid. It shrank the wig a bit, though, making it not fit as well. Over that, I added some wire mesh structure, like you would find in a clay sculpture, to make the bangs, eyebrows, and ponytail. More packing tape went over that to make a smooth surface. Over that surface, I took two battery-powered, cool-to-the-touch LED light-sets and taped the lights all over. I tried to alternate where they were so when they blinked at different times, it looked like static, rather than the front half light up, then the second half. I taped them in place and put tape all over again for another smooth surface.

Then I was stuck. I spent about a week at that stage, wondering what to do. I had sheer orange fabric, but it wasn’t working. I tried yellow-orange stained glass spray paint, but that didn’t work, either. Then my mother mentioned papier-mâché at some point, and I armed myself with orange tissue paper cut into squares and rubber cement and attacked that base. It worked wonderfully, both for the slightly transparent color and for that pixel look. The light shines through great, and while it could definitely use more light, it’s great for what I can afford. After I finished, I added black Model Magic around the base of the ponytail to make the ponytail holder, broke some chopsticks in half, painted them blue, and stuck them into the Model Magic with some super glue, then put a ring of white Model Magic around the base of the chopsticks. Bam, instant samurai-inspired hair-do that wasn’t very instant at all until that last part. XD

And I think that’s that! I have been experimenting with so much makeup, but haven’t found just what I want yet. I hope to be able to do detail makeup at some point, like the little silver designs on her shoulders and forehead. I also have very sparkly orange eyelashes to wear; this is the only costume I wear fake eyelashes for. My favorite part about this costume, besides the wig, is being able to easily find ReBoot fans in it! <3

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