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Kobayakawa Miyuki

You're Under Arrest!

Last Updated: 09-29-2011

Oh wow, I have no idea how to begin for this cosplay, haha! Ok...I shall start from the very beginning of stumbling on this series while I was watching AXN 7-8 years ago LOL..And yes, another retro cosplay from me LOL

You're Under Arrest is a very nice, slice of life anime which I can relate to...It has none of those mind-bowing action sequence nor does it boast of mind-numbing storyline like Evangelion or a stellar cast of seiyuus like Star Driver...Its charm lies in its very relatable storyline about the policemen and women of Bokuto Station going about their life :)

I love this series very much but didnt thought of cosplaying anyone from it cuz I didnt haf a partner (and only MUCH later I found out Hito is a fan as well LOL!)

So when Hito suggested we do a YUA pairing, I IMMEDIATELY SAID YES!! LOL...I am pretty much like Miyuki, personality-wise though I am more of a makeup girl than a car girl, haha!

I rewatched the entire series (Season 1, 2 , 3 and OVAs) to get a feel of the series again cuz the last time I watched it was 7-8 long years ago @__@

Then I analysed the various versions of the uniforms and we settled for the Season 1 version which I feel I can DIY it LOL...So I started by asking my Australian cousin, Evelyn to buy for me sewing patterns for vest and skirt and got my Australian aunt to bring it over to Penang during one of her trips here..So I owe my cousin and aunt for the sewing pattern which were immensely useful to me cuz I cant find them in Msia :(

Hito and I agreed to that shade of blue and I bought all the remaining cloth of this shade of blue from the shop and prayed that it will be enuf for Hito and I @__@

I started working on vest first cuz it's harder to sew and it was a MASSIVE challenge to me cuz I cant understand the symbols on the sewing pattern @__@ So I juz sew it based on my own understanding LOL I had to unpick and re-sew a couple of times juz to get the cut and fit right...(All handsewn LOL)

I bought matching gold buttons for Hito and I and I did the shoulder straps detachable so that I can reuse this vest for another cosplay, haha...For the buttonhole, I chose to DIY the stitching to save time and money LOL Home economics classes back in high school has never been this useful :P

Then I worked on the skirt, which was fairly easy but I had to alter the sewing pattern cuz the sizing was meant for Western sizes @__@ I had to sew in about 4 inches cuz the skirt was too big for me despite me following the measurements on the sewing pattern @__@

I made a waistband for my skirt although I dun need one cuz I wanna learn how make it for Hito's skirt...I oso bought matching zip for Hito and my skirt...

For her inner white-shirt, I reused my old long-sleeved white shirt and sew in the sleeves slightly cuz the sleeves were too big for me @___@

Once I was done wif my vest and skirt, I modified the sewing pattern for Hito's Natsumi skirt and cut it out...Thank God I had enuf cloth leftover to make the skirt and its waistband cuz I scrimped and saved whatever cloth I could when I cut out my vest and skirt :)

I used the same cloth and same sewing pattern for Hito's skirt so that we haf matching uniform colour and skirt design LOL

Still, I had to sew in 2 inches for Hito's skirt cuz the sewing pattern isnt meant for Asian sizes @__@ But I am glad Hito was happy wif the skirt (though I still need to fix the waistband)

For the badge, Hito used her graphic skills to make the badge ^__^ We based it on the scan of the series where Natsumi and Miyuki were wearing the same version of the costume we are doing....Hito oso made the badge based on actual photos of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police's badge with the chrysanthemum flower in the middle surrounded by some "oak-like leaves". Hito oso helped to laminate the badge and stick the pin on it ^__^

For the turquoise tie and the white shoulder-strap thingy, I bought it off a uniform shop here :) Pretty cheap but we had to ask ppl for help to tie the necktie cuz both of us dunno how to tie it LOL

Miyuki's wig was bought online and it's a very good wig which doesnt tangle easily...I love it to bits! XD Hito helped to trim it and pleat it ^__^ Miyuki's pink ribbon was some random ribbon I bought from a shop here...

Miyuki's court shoes were bought much earlier cuz I used it for my Millerna cosplay as well...Plain, black court shoes wif a slight heel so that my short, fat calves look thinner LOL...And the shoes are so comfortable, I can walk in them ^__^ I searched high and low for such shoes cuz these are the suitable shoes for YUA girls as opposed to ballerina flats (C'mon, ballerina flats and police uniforms dun go hand-in-hand @__@)

My bro actually said this costume looks like a Japanese convenience store worker's uniform =_= On second look, he's probably right LOL

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Character Kobayakawa Miyuki
Series You're Under Arrest!
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Upload Date 09-29-2011
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