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Felicia is such a cute character! I've been wanting to cosplay as her for some time now and finally got around to doing it. I worked on and off for a year, but it only took around a month of hard work in total. One of the reasons I wanted to make it was to challenge myself with a little different costume. I'm specially proud of the enormous blue wig and my foot paws! Here's a bit of how I made the costume for those interested.

I used short off-white fake fur. I was originally going to use pure white but they only had matching long fur in off-white, so I went with that. I'm happy I did because I think it makes for a positively natural result and looks nice against my skin tone. The fur, however, is a little see-through so I had to use a white under layer for all important parts.

I used a bra as support for the top part. I wanted to keep it in somehow accurate shape instead of just a bikini, so I left the middle of the back open and made it attachable with silicone straps. The front is also open and kept together with fishing line. The top has clear bra straps to keep it in place.

I made the tail to be attached to the back of the top over where the top itself is attached to the bottom. The tail is fully pose-able because it has a wire inside. It's stuffed with polyester stuffing I got from an old pillow. Attaching the tail was easy but I also had to put something to adjust it so it wouldn't hang straight downwards, so I secured it with some spare bra straps that attach around my hips like a belt. I have to put it so tight it gets very painful but it works. XD

The bottom is just a plain pair of fur panties. I refuse to ever wear something like Felicia does around her butt so I didn't even think about it twice, haha. Making them was trickier than I thought because the sizing had to be exact for the fur fabric has no stretch. They also needed two darts in the back that I had to sew three times because for some reason they didn't want to exist. I was going to wear flesh colored tights under these but they don't sell light enough ones here, haha! I just decided, screw it, I'll go without.

The arm and thigh straps and collar were the easiest parts... Though everything seemed to grow while sitting in the closet while I had no time to work on this, and they kept on falling so I had to tape them to my skin. The arm and thigh straps have some silicone elastic inside to help keep them up, and they close with snap buttons. The tummy piece is just a simple piece of fur with the edges finished, taped onto my stomach.

The gloves took forever to make, which I really wasn't expecting! I was almost late for the con thanks to them... I worked three whole days and nights putting them together. XD I wanted to have kind of monster-like hands so I decided to make the fingers a bit bigger and longer than normal. I used upholstery foam for them, that thanks to the color had to be painted white (I actually gessoed them because I had more of that than white acrylic) before covering with fur. Otherwise the green would glow through very obviously. I also wanted to have bigger, scarier-looking claws than most I've seen, and they also had to be sturdy and easy to attach. So I went for thin cardboard and papier mache to construct them, then gessoed and painted them with magenta acrylic. They turned out more red than I had thought they would but it's alright. XD The claws I made could be easily attached to the foam fingers by pushing them into carved slits and glueing in place. The fingers of the gloves are actually separate pieces, so that I could finish them more carefully. Around the tips of the fingers I cut the fur in shape and glued it around the claws. The paw pads are pink leftover high-quality satin fabric I had, whose edges I fray-checked with fabric glue, and hand stitched them in place. The middle pieces were lightly stuffed to make them appear less flat. To finish the gloves I added some longer fur to the wrists.

The boots are totally my favorite piece of this costume. I used about 20-centimeter high clear stiletto heels (thanks Yaya Han for inspiration) that I formed the toes over with upholstery foam. I looked at some tutorials for fursuit feet and decided how to do my own version. I love how the toes look, they came out just as I wanted! I attached them around the base shoes so that the shoe covers would be detachable in case I ever wanted to use the shoes for another cosplay. Each boot consists of four fabric pieces, and a bottom piece I made from an anti-sliding mat. They have invisible zippers in the back, and attach with snap buttons in the bottom. The boots also have some silicone ribbon sewn into the top so that they would stay up better. It sounds very simple but it works! I finished the toes the same way as for the gloves, gessoing them and pushing and glueing the claws into the foam. I made the toe claws a much different shape though. Cereal box cardboard and papier mache didn't let me down this time either, as my toes along with the claws got directly stepped on in the con and they still look as good as new.

The ears of the headband came out a bit bigger than I had planned but I still like how they look! For them I made a base from upholstery foam, gessoed and covered with fabric. The pink parts are the same fabric I used for the paw pads but with interfacing to keep them better in shape. I glued them around the edges and then hand stitched the fur over that. Lastly I sewed bits of longer fur inside them, and attached the finished ears to the headband. The band is a long strap that attaches behind my neck with two snap buttons. It's not attached to the wig, but can be easily removed and stays sturdily in place when worn.

The wig was a whole new experience for me. I had never before had to do such an insanely full wig that it took a bit of thinking. I think I managed it well anyway and love the result! For some reason the hairspray relaxed a bit when I wore it though. Got2b is not almighty after all. XD But the damage was easily fixed by some touching-up. For the bangs, I don't really understand how I did them in the end but I totally love how they look. I found out it didn't matter which side I put them to, so I chose right as I have some issues with my right eye. I used a bit of the cut-out hair from the wig and made a weft-covered fluff ball that I used as a base. Shaping the fiber over it was a bit difficult. I finished the bangs by pincurling them in the end and hair spraying. Then for the rest of the wig, I used a long one with long bangs as a base, and got a super long one in the same color to use as wefts. To get the ultimate poof I used a foam core, and a lot of teasing. Some glue, stitches, and tons of hairspray were used, too. I attached most of the wefts around the middle back and the top to cover the teased fiber. When I was done with the overall shape I layered the wig a little so there wouldn't be such an obvious difference between the length of the shorter and longer wefts. I took some time to plan how to do the light blue streaks Felicia has, but in the end decided to make them by cutting some of the fiber out of a light blue wig I have and glueing them in place. They're a part of the hair after all so I thought it'd look really off if I used ribbon or something similar. They don't float though but I don't find it very important. Oh yes, I knew from the beginning that the wig was going to be very heavy, so I sewed some small combs under its front edge. Well, I couldn't find combs or wig clips so I bought a toothed hairband and cut it into three pieces. I attached them by stitching and glueing. They hold the wig very well, it hasn't even thought about falling off my head! The wig originally had more volume on the very top but the heavy fiber pulled the bump down. XD

As for makeup, I wore my newly discovered false lashes plus double fold eyelid sticker style to enhance my eyes. I also colored my eyebrows that I had never (properly) done before. I was going to go for the glue and paint method but I didn't like it, it was troublesome to apply, made my brows look huge, and the glue just peeled off after a while. So I ended up coloring them with a bit of acrylic, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. Worked wonderfully!

I've worn this to Expocomic 2011 in Madrid on Friday and Sunday, also took part in the contest! This costume was nothing but well received, I got loads of photos taken and met many happy fans of Darkstalkers! I also found a photographer who wanted to do a professional photoshoot with me in a studio and about died of happiness! XO

Here are videos of my walk-on performance:

I was also featured in:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwfQ48JcbYk (Thanks Koibito!)

Thank you so much everyone for the comments, I really appreciate that you took your time just to make me a bit happier!


Second place for best costume, Expocomic 2011 in Madrid

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