The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Last Updated: 01-18-2012

I knew I wanted to cosplay some sort of Zelda character at some point, but didn't think I would do it so soon! I only did it because my friend [Rubedo] was coming to visit me and attend YoumaCon with me, and since she already had a Tetra costume, I decided I could easily (and fairly cheaply) make WW Link to go with her. So I did! I admit that I did not put a whole lot of time into this costume, but that was kind of the idea. Had I spent more time I could have made certain parts look better for sure, but it was more or less meant to be a bit of a slacker costume, lol.

Wig: I went with a Magnum wig in 013 Light Blonde from Arda Wigs. It was perfect! Loved the color, the style and length were spot-on, and it went well with the cartoony look. The best part was that the bangs can sweep to the right side magically. I didn't even have to style my wig beyond combing it and using a little hairspray.

Tunic + Hat: I made the hat and tunic with the same green fabric. I made them both quickly since they were simple.

Belt: I was already making a bunch of belts for two other costumes, and I REALLY did not feel like dealing with making another (pleather is a pain to sew, and expensive), so I bought a used belt and painted it with leather paint. But I did a little more work - I made the buckle with craft foam and permanently attached it to the end of the belt. I then made a hook system for the belt so that it would close behind the buckle and be seamless all the way around. Pretty easy.

The tights and boots were bought. I would have liked to have gotten some taller boots, but I had a hard enough time finding knock-off Uggs in the right color, so I settled for that. I wasn't about to drop $80 on a pair of Uggs just to get some that were a little taller. :P I'll keep on the lookout for some used ones though!

Shield: As is my go-to method, I just layered several sheets of foamboard, cut them out, glued them together, paperclay'd the sides to even them up, sanded the paperclay, then painted the whole thing. The triforce was made with craft foam ( 3 painted triangles glued next to each other); the white winged thing was lol drawn on a piece of white paper, cut out, and glued on (I said lazy costume didn't I?), and the silver design was drawn on with 3-D puff paint.

Sheath: I just sewed one with some leftover pleather and painted it with leather paint to match my belt. It's not accurate and I know it, but it served its purpose.

Sword: This was super rushed. I just used foamboard, covered the blade with aluminum tape, wrapped the handle with a long strip of pleather, and made a guard with craft foam. However, I completely forgot my blade was long enough that it would be too heavy without some kind of reinforcement to keep it from breaking! Completely forgot to do that! So unfortunately I couldn't hold the sword without the foamboard buckling from the weight of the extended blade, so I had to keep it sheathed the whole time. Thankfully I had my Wind Waker to pose with instead!

Wind Waker: Oh man I really hated how it came out. :( For some reason I just could not get anything to shape. It's such a simple shape, but I had such a hard time smoothing out bumps while keeping the wand straight. In the end I ran out of time and just had to deal with a bumpy Wind Waker. Oh well. It was made with Sculpey.

One extra note - I had to figure out how I would attach the shield and sheath to my back without anything showing. Toon/Wind Waker Link doesn't have a shoulder belt like the normal Links do, so that made things a little difficult. What I ended up doing was this. I attached a long cord to my sheath, going in through a hole in the underside at the top of the sheath, and out through another hole at the bottom of the sheath. I cut a small hole in the back left shoulder of my tunic, and underneath the tunic I ran the long cord all the way around my torso (over my left shoulder and under my right arm). I tied the cord in a knot. I now had the sheath tied to my back with the cord hidden under my tunic. I then attached more cord to the underside of my shield - one part on the upper part, the other near the bottom. I tied these small pieces of cord to the sheath, both pieces being tied on top of the area where the cord came out of the holes on the sheath so that it would not only hold the shield, but would keep it at an angle like he wears. Is this confusing enough yet? XD The rig worked pretty well. The only problem I had was that the shield/sheath tended to pull down a bit so it didn't always sit as high on my back as I would have liked, but it got the job done.

One last note - I decided to get some huge black circle lenses to wear to go along with Link's cartoony look. I wasn't sure if it would look how I wanted, but I was happy I bothered! It definitely helped achieve the look I was going for, and the few people who noticed really liked that extra touch. I think it's the one thing I could have done to make my generic Link cosplay a little different. :)

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