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WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I love this outfit! It's so easy to put on and go >3< (not something I usually have)
I got a ton of pictures from various people! (one of those couldn't-move-5-ft-without-being-stopped) I found a/some video(s) with me in 'em too. Although I look kinda derpy XD

Hat; homemade circle + strip of fabric with interfacing. Fuzzy is part of a feather boa that I handstitched on.
Clips; I was running out of time to make a really good one so I used sparkly pipecleaners! Clip flower-things are model magic w/ clips glued on. Gem itself (for lack of time), glitter glue made into shape on wax paper, trimmed to my liking, painted a bit orange-y-er, and has gems glued on (had to make it sparkly somehow duh!). One big gem on the smaller clip cause I didn't like how it looked without a gem XD
Wig; Piece 'o crap. The right curl 'broke' apart. Curls had to be pinned on. I'll get a new wig soon.
Shirt; I might have just made it from scratch because I got a 2 shirts from goodwill (one for arm covers), took the collar and the sleeves off, and took out a ton of fabric (still needs to be smaller). Then I made a new collar and sleeves from the other shirt (puffy sleeves are a nightmare XP ). I didn't have enough fabric left to make arm covers (Oh noez!) SO I made them from a cotton fabric I had laying around. So really my shirt+sleeves are made of 3 different fabrics!!! You'd never know right?
Shirt decoration; super annoying
Corset; I thought this was going to be the hardest part! HA! I got multiple questions about how I made it/what kind of boning/etc. Well, there is no boning, it's one layer thick, and I took out at least 6 pattern pieces of fabric (originally had 12 pieces!). The fuzzy white is a knitting yarn braided to be a bit thicker (and fuzzier! >:3 ) Handstitched on while flying to the con!
Skirt; HARDEST DARN PART. I wanted to make some pleats like Mami's is but nooooo fabric doesn't want to be nice! Atleast I got the 2 in the front >:I I'm gonna add more "floof" to it later (not poofy enough!)
Stockings; Oh god the stockings! XP I couldn't get any so of course I go and dye some! I only had a bit of gray and a lot of purple dye ;^; they're to light for my liking but I can dye them darker later. The stripes are painted on by 2 of my friends. I'm sorry guys! XD It was awkward and funny at the same time. I had to wear them while my buds painted and they kept tickling the back of my knees! Not fair!
Boots; I had people mistaking my boot covers for actual boots. Yay! There's elastic in 3 place for maximum, uh, staying-in-place-ness! Velcro up the back for getting them on. White bias tape. Painted on the brown because I was running out of time and didn't want to sew brown on cause god know's how long that would take!
Rifle; STUPID STUPID STUPID RIFLE!! Well should be stupid me >3>" Made a day before the con. My second attempt at working with insulation foam (obviously). I didn't have time to cover it in resin so some form of a paint sealer thing worked for giving a bit of dent-resistance. Gesso was used to fill in chunks that got ripped out by my sander >:( Styrene plastic and gems used for the designs. I freaking sharpied the design on in my hotel room! Took 4 freakin sharpies! I'm gonna make a new gun cause mine sucks XP Hopefully out of wood or something...

There ya go! Everything explained (I think) on how to make Mami cosplay! Weeohf...I'm out of air XD

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