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This explanation is really long because I like to read long explanations on how other people make their costumes and it often helps me with the construction of mine, so warning random babbling ahead-

This cosplay actually started out as a joke. After finishing my blair cosplay, the first costume I attempted to make (Keyword here = attempted) my grandma ended up doing most of it. And when I was on the internet looking for more reference, I got sidetracted and started watching Black Butler. I was doomed from the start. How an 1 anime have that many beautiful costumes!? Anyway, so when I saw Ciel's little robin dress I started joking around about how it was going to be my next cosplay. If I struggled to make a dress as simple as Blair's, how was I going to manage a full ballgown!? But the more I looked at it, the more I wanted to make that dress! So in the end I did, and even I was suprised that I didn't need any help!

First I went shopping for material. This task was more difficult than I ever thought. I decided I was going to make the pink part out of streach material, seings how at this point in time I could not put in a zip to save my life. This was not the wisest decision. When I went to look for the pink, it turned out that the only pink material that Spotlight carried that looked half decent was $25 a metre. And like an idiot I bought it. Later on I would find out that that that material would disappear for 2 months when I went to buy more. The white I first bought I can't remember the name of, but when I went back to buy more it had vanished into thin air and would never appear again. As a subtitute I bought my now all time favourite material to sew - shaunting suit - the first material was slightly darker, but you can't notice unless your looking super closely.

Over 10 metres of black ribbon and 7 metres of cherry pink and lace went into this dress. I found myself constantly going back to the shop to buy more black ribbon while making it. The first time I bought the pink ribbon I didn't buy enough of it, and after I got home from buying more, I found that the new stuff was darker, so I had to unpick the smallest stich setting on my machine on streach material for 5 metres - that was not fun. Oops.

I bought the hoop skirt, wig and shoes off eBay. The shoes were black PU leather riding boots that were painted to look like Ciel's ( Reference pictures of his shoes are extremely difficult to find as I discovered). The hoop skirt was not as full as it apperard in the picture, but thats what you get when you order stuff online I suppose. It also had a frill on the bottom that I decided to cut of after my dad accidently steped on it while I was wearing it once, and almost tore the bottom hoop right off! The wig was bought form MoeMall and when it arrived all it had in the bag was the pigtails! I emailed them and they sent me the base wig straight away. I have orderd from them since and it has never happend again, so I guess it was just bad luck that time.

The dress was made in two parts (Not counting the hoop skirt) The first layer is the white skirt. The white skirt was made in two parts because there are two layers of ruffles in the bottom. The first part was a full gored skirt that had the first layer of ruffles on the bottom and the three little rows at the back, the second part was one peice and did not go all the way around and had only the bottom ruffle. The two peices are sewn toghther at the top to form one skirt. The second layer is the pink part. The top is a simple rectangle that is attached to the pink skirt. The pink skirt is gored and elastic was sewen to the front to make it gather up, before elastic I tried pulling a thread to make it gather up, but found that all the gathering settled at the bottom and the top was left completely gather free.after the elastic the black ribbon was hand sewed on, after finishing hand sewing I decided to machine stich it after all, so all that work was for nothing. The fancy 'wave' thing on the back was the hardest part of the costume by far. I had never seen a ruffle like that before and and I seriously consiterd leaving it out, but then I rememberd that all the best cosplayers pay attention to all the tiny details and that I couldn't even hope to compete against others if my costume wasn't 'complete'. In the end the 'wave' was drafted through trial and error on a scaled down version and made into the scale pattern with a TON of math. The top white ruffles were pleated and sewn on. I sewed black ribbon on white material to get the stripe pattern because black striped material didn't exist in the spotlight I go to.
The rose was 2 foam roses leftover from the hat, one rose was pulled apart and glued on the other to make it bigger.

Over 15 metres of material were turned into ruffles and they sucedded in breaking 2 ruffler feet and over 10 needles (4 in 10 minutes was the record)! The end result made the white skirt mega heavy and needs to be attached to the pink layer with hooks and eyes to stop it from falling down.

The hat was made of stiffend felt and coverd in pink material, the black trim was hot glued on so it looks ugly and bumpy, I was running out of time tho so I couldn't fix it. 14 foam roses were hot glued on and the bows and ribbon was added.

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